Friday, February 26, 2016

GeShen gapped down

Good morning ... today we shall check on those 'not so good' quarter reports and how market re-acted.

GeShen : Being mentioned in our chatbox this morning ... it gapped down. At press-time (9.30am now), it dived 26% down ... simply because of a 'not so good' report? Really??

What if it is operated? How are we going to escape if we bought at 'high'? And market not even CRASH yet ... what IF market is crashing (not in 2016 leh) ... it shall go back to base-price around 50cents??

GeShen : The weekly chart showing how it is being operated ... from 50cents to almost RM3 ... incredible operator(s).

While stocks do not shoot up VERY VERY high for no reason/stories ... read about it. I do not follow ... so, I don't know the stories or who bought into it etc etc. From the chart-wise ... huge-buying-volume when it was below RM1.

9.40am : Hit 1.85 and rebounded to RM2 ... catching a knife?

I do want to know more traders ... those experienced ones, to share ideas on how stocks being operated. It is one of the most interesting topic.

I will want to write about UMWOG which gapped-down below RM1 too due to 'not so good' report. Luckily I sold a day before report is out (due to bearish candle-sticks).

Also ... I m compiling on ideas : HOW TO PREPARE for coming MARKET CRASH.

I have received few e-mails ... and will meet few of them to share on my preparation too.

So ... I do hope more will write to me ... and share with me how they are preparing for market-crash now? If you have not prepared ... perhaps, you might be interested to know what we should be doing during current very-volatile time.

Stay in cash ... stay sane.


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