Sunday, February 28, 2016

Gapped down stocks

Genetec : Gapped down on Thu and someone told the group about 'selling' by retailers due to bad-reports.

GeShen : Hit Rm1.85 and rebounded above RM2 which is a good sign.

PetronM : running so high-fast ... with speculative news ... and some reports stating they will benefit from the 'low' price of crude oil. Well .. it gapped down ... and closed as top-loser of the day, downed 14% ... will it back to reality?

UMWOG : Bought at RM1.025 level ... shot up ... but didn't hit my target of RM1.12 ... closed with a black candle and I sold all 1.07-1.08. It gapped down the next day due to bad report. Luckily!!

Wellcall : A good company ... but on Friday ... it gapped down. Hit the support RM2.49 and I failed to focus to catch it there. Rebounded to RM2.62, a good price to sell. It formed a nice hammer and worth to watch.

Could we SELL before the gap-down? Hmm ... when market is crashing MANY will gap-down ... will you sell for losses or stuck till recovery? Will it ever recover if we are buying those OVER-VALUED ... very speculative counters?

Think this will trigger some BRAIN cells in many traders/investors.

Remember ... market NOT crash yet but we could not escape these gap-down and those bought higher would have huge paper-loss. What do you think if .... market collapse next month or so?



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