Friday, February 05, 2016

From RHB to Maxis

RHB : My blue-chip funds was inside RHBCap ... on the day it surged, the timing was just right to released most of my funds (profit taking) to jump into telcos. I have started to nibble into Axiata and Maxis then ... and didn't expect them to dive further ... Maxis was at a point minus 10%(buy during cheap sales la).

Maxis : This was last Friday ... Thu it dived ... given us opportunities. You need to know why it dived, ok? Doesn't make sense ... it dived 8% on Friday and I started to collect ... all the way to the tip-low. The great thing I have done was to release the funds from RHB and moved into Maxis  ...decision made in matter of minutes!! In 10-20mins time ... I am already managed to sell most RHB  and stacking into Maxis (Axiata done too).

I might want to document it ... for sharing experiences purposes. Still feel daze ... wonder what hit me when I was so ... alert. Many of times, I m slow in re-acting.

Apply the fear is BUY ... my BIMB is doing well now. Bought BIMB on Wed, and top-up yesterday ... today it is doing well.

BIMB : Rebounding well above RM3.40 at the moment.

Will write more details ... about the recent selldown in Telco ... rare opportunities.

Got to go ...


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