Tuesday, February 09, 2016

CNY Day #2

Happy CNY to all Chinese readers ... thanks for hanging out here. Food ... laughter ... gathering ... and more food. For the younger ones, angpow-angpow ...

I brought my mom and family ... to Jenjarom's Temple. It is well-known, huge and well-decorated. Bought few books about 'life' and 'buddhism'.


Give confidence to others

Give hope to others

Give joy to others

Make things convenient for others.

........ Then, came back home to nap zzzz ... and off to One-U for dinner. That was my first day of CNY 2016. Chinese are celebrating a new year .... a MONKEY year.

Today is more relax as we will be staying at home. My sis will be visiting and will go for family dinner at my Aunt's place.

Last night ... after 9.30pm ... this is my activity --- trading oil. This is a demo-account. Will explore more and take real trades in Mac. Last night, gained USD95.43 (net). While I m still focusing in FCPO (doing well whole 2015, doing well in Jan only to lose back in Feb so far) ... at nights, I will be focusing in crude-oil futures and it is very-very liquid(and volatile too).

Last night crude oil-price hanging above USD30. Till tonight ...

Time to get moving again ... and enjoy my CNY with family.

Have a nice day ... then only check Bursa in 'red' tmr.


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