Saturday, January 16, 2016

The BIG short

Morning from KLIA2 ... flying off to KK in an hour time.

Starbuck ... choco(caramel) costing RM14.30 (exclusing GST of 81cents). Owned by Berjaya Starbucks Coffee Company Sdn Bhd.

BJCorp : The mommy of Berjaya Group ... trading at low 35cents. Do not be mis-led by the fact of 35cents is 'cheap'. Someone mentioned in forum that it is under-valued when it was trading around 50cents above. So, that makes ... at 35cents, it is extremely under-valued. With DOW diving at the moment, we shall visit her at 30cents or below?

Gardenia bread ... check which company behind that product ... is the company listed in KLSE(or other foreign markets?) ... that is what a street-smart investors should be doing ... check the sales, ask about friends' opinions ...

So ... are we prepared for market crash? Yes? No?

I watch 'The Big Short' last night ... alone. I was so interested with market crashes that I will buy the DVD and ask some of tratles to watch together soon!! So ... I am into futures-trading ... for the very reason that I could SHORT FKLI if market is crashing.

Anyway, the ticket (RM20) is over-priced ... I don't watch movie in cinema, it cost me MONEY ... which could be used as my CAPITAL ... to trade and lose ... but gain EXPERIENCES ... and waiting for greater opportunities with know-how + experiences to gain hugely!!

At the moment, I m learning to do day-trading using FCPO as an instrument. FKLI is a good instrument to hedge against our stocks.

Are we ready?? Seriously ... do you think market is crashing soon? 2016?

Lets the countdown begin ...


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