Monday, January 25, 2016

Talk of the week : OIL

OIL dipped below USD28 ... twice cheaper than milk (haha) and went below the price of the SOY-futures I m tracking!!

BUT ... what a rebound last Friday ... shot up from USD28 to USD32 ... wow. Currently it is trading around USD31.

So ... we shall see short-term speculation on O&G counters ... leads by SKPetrol(see chart above).

The smaller ones such as Perisai and KNM will be hot-ly debated as good punts? Or perhaps ... betting on "bungaraya" to find some oil?

Hibiscus : Low at 13cents, closed 16cents ... if one is holding at RM1.60 ... we could never be able to recover! Taking it as a painful lesson not to invest in SPAC ... move-on.

Even buying Perisai at RM1.00 level ... will lose us a lot. Yes, I have been moving away from O&G since it dropped below USD80 ... and now, it is time to check on them as I do think the whole sector being sold-down ... overly done. Someone keep pointing to USD20 ... yelling a SELL. It is time to be contrarian.

Perisai : MOved back above 24cents ... using 23cents as cut-loss, it is punting time. BUY 24-25cents ... ok for the risk.

Will have e-meeting around 9.30pm with trading members later and the hot-stocks will be from OnG.

Very OnG ... for 2016.


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