Saturday, January 02, 2016

Happy New Year

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Wishing all readers a good year ahead.

Just came back from Penang ... it is late, will blah-blah on that later.

I have sold most of my stocks as it is a NEW YEAR. Besides, candlestick was not good on Wednesday.

So Wednesday ... I shorted during closing at 1699. And sold off Digi(finally) and GHLSys.

Digi vs GHLSys

Digi : I have huge position in her ... bought before ex-div 5.1cents ... then, it went lower after ex-div and collected more. I sold all on Wednesday ... and after holding nearly 2 months ... finally, glad to release her off with good profits. This is one of the counter many of my trading-members bought into ... and hold ... and hold ... to the paper-loss ... and phew ... it shot up during window-dressing (I asked all to buy before end of Dec where funds coming in to buy blue-chips).

Digi is not for contra ... not for short-term trades ... but about 1-3 months time frame.

GHLSys : I grabbed at 91.5cents average on the day the volume surged. It went lower the next few days with low volume ... perhaps due to contra-players selling ... then, it activated and shot up!! I sold all at RM1

GHLSys is a penny-stock .... so the trade is higher risk. And position-size should be way smaller than trading Digi. So ... these are for those quick-fingers and able to monitor. Many of members taken this trade too. A good one, indeed.

Stock-watch : Join me in my stock-watch 2016 ... and learn from the trades taken "LIVE". Everything written here were 'live' when we took it. I do know 2016 will be a volatile year ... and a very good year for traders!!

e-learning : To learn further, besides my weekly e-meeting (free) for members .... I do have few of them who wish to learn trading(thru weekly online platform) ... so, I created e-learning for 2016 (hope to start mid-Jan ) ... duration will be for 5 months.

Those interested, please contact me ... at or watsapp 012-821 0129 for details.

Happy New Year all ... all the best.


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