Wednesday, January 06, 2016

FCPO : Good instrument to trade

Post #3 : Day 6 of 2016

It is 5.45pm now ... FCPO is closing ... and I was discussing my FCPO trades with my group. The trades were too fast for many as they are working, and some are newbies.

long 2494 ... covered 2505 ... short 2519 ... covered 2513. Very fast. haha. I am using 15-min chart, 3-candles system. Indicators too lagging for short trades. So ... most in the group could only look-see ... and I m doing it for whole one year, consistent now.

Those were 11 points and 6 points (could get 10 points, actually) ... 17 points in less than an hour is good. 1 point = RM25 ... I told those came for my FCPO e-meeting ... and will have few more with them to explain ... real trading.

Welcome to traders world.

I missed AirAsia at 1.32(support) ... arghh ... it shot up above 1.40. I will like AirAsia in my 2016 portfolio.

I missed JTiasa and Evergreen which I given to my trading group last week... some of them grabbed so, I m happy for them.

RHB : Grabbed at closing price yesterday at Rm5.60 as it formed inverted hammer .... and yesterday's high was 5.73 ... so, I sold 5.72 today ... done.

Wat else ..? looking at many breaking higher ... OIL down, MYR down ... exports stocks having party again. I m a contrarian ... so I like O&G for 2016.

EG : Breakout into new-high ... well ... those 'sifu' and 'IBs' promoting those stocks ... they are flying. I will focus in this now for the time being.

6.30pm now ... I m going to Central Market for an event ... have dinner there too.

Have a nice trading-year ahead.


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