Friday, January 15, 2016

Becoming "Truman"

2016 song #2

孫燕姿 - 明天的記憶


在我最深處 有過你祝福
有花瓣的飛舞 淚水的凝固
輕撫 一路上成長的紋路
再默讀 那些愛的倉促
猶疑的腳步 堅持的酸楚
可是我很清楚 別在乎付出
潛伏 內心最柔軟的感觸
回憶的泥土 讓生命有厚度
讓明天把今天給記住 不是因為孤獨
因為我們追求的專注 不管它起起伏伏
讓今天把明天變特殊 未必因為幸福
因為我們努力不服輸 從來不曾退出
回頭不可數 被誤解的路
現在我弄清楚 那讓我成熟
潛伏 內心最柔軟的感觸
長成了大樹 讓生命有高度
讓明天把今天給記住 不是因為孤獨
因為我們追求的專注 不管它起起伏伏
讓今天把明天變特殊 未必因為幸福
因為我們努力不服輸 儘管失誤
讓明天的記憶不模糊 不是因為孤獨
因為我們執著的態度 不管它起起伏伏
讓今天把明天變特殊 未必因為滿足
因為我們過得不含糊 從來不曾退出

KYY's effect : There are many in markets talkin about KYY's stocks ... such as the hot VS and many 'export' stocks. As speculators and traders ... we will trade those stocks, knowing that many rushing in to buy ... FLBhd is another hotly promoted stock. Many more ... check KYY's writings for more info.

KLCI so volatile ... up-down-up ... and down again. So ... it is good to trade FKLI while FCPO is sideway ... my target is to profit RM200 per day. These few days doing better due to greater fluctuation ... what I m glad is 2-3 newbies I m mentoring in futures-trading are doing well ... and better than me!! Being a teacher, I m proud of their progress ... but reminding them to stay FOCUS.

I had a looong days ... and we are into TWO WEEKS of 2016 ... do we still feel motivated to do BETTER than previous years?

To follow my daily stories ... I m writing on my facebook !!


Murals : I saw this mural at the backlane of ss15 ... very nice, I took a picture and shared it on my facebook

Homeless : Or ... joined the 'feeding the homeless' as volunteer last week.

Pigeons : Saw these 'pigeon babies and egg'

So ... I enjoy little things around ... enjoy listening to nice songs ... tho I m having such hectic-busy days!!

There are so many things happening in a day ... pick those nice memories ... eliminate more negative remarks, negative thoughts and negative humans.  So ... it is easy for me to be thankful.

Need to go to fetch my gal ... then ... go for my tuition classes and dinner with family at nights. My normal routine ... besides watching KLSE and FCPO.

Have a nice weekend.


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