Thursday, January 28, 2016

Stock Watch : Telco-counters

While I was bullish in O&G 1-2 weeks again as it hit USD28 ... being a contrarian, I told all why I like O&G the most. So ... I jumped into O&G counters ... holding three counters at the moment. Adding and averaging-up tmr ...

So ... as I written a little about SKPetrol which I bought (will add if above RM1.70 tmr ... which is likely as crude-oil just jumped to be above USD33 (hit 34plus)) ... let me talk about the DIVING stocks.

Wanting to write about Gloves-counters ... reserved that for weekend. Wanting to write about overly played export-counters .... many will hold to the down trending now. Next time ... today, we talk about the so-called revised budget ... and hitting TELCO hard ...

wow ...Axiata, Maxis and Digi ... shot down to support.

Axiata ...

Digi ...

Maxis ...

Which one should I take tmr? Hmm ... difficult decision ... haha.

Thanks for the opportunities ... join me in my stock-watch group.


Monday, January 25, 2016

Talk of the week : OIL

OIL dipped below USD28 ... twice cheaper than milk (haha) and went below the price of the SOY-futures I m tracking!!

BUT ... what a rebound last Friday ... shot up from USD28 to USD32 ... wow. Currently it is trading around USD31.

So ... we shall see short-term speculation on O&G counters ... leads by SKPetrol(see chart above).

The smaller ones such as Perisai and KNM will be hot-ly debated as good punts? Or perhaps ... betting on "bungaraya" to find some oil?

Hibiscus : Low at 13cents, closed 16cents ... if one is holding at RM1.60 ... we could never be able to recover! Taking it as a painful lesson not to invest in SPAC ... move-on.

Even buying Perisai at RM1.00 level ... will lose us a lot. Yes, I have been moving away from O&G since it dropped below USD80 ... and now, it is time to check on them as I do think the whole sector being sold-down ... overly done. Someone keep pointing to USD20 ... yelling a SELL. It is time to be contrarian.

Perisai : MOved back above 24cents ... using 23cents as cut-loss, it is punting time. BUY 24-25cents ... ok for the risk.

Will have e-meeting around 9.30pm with trading members later and the hot-stocks will be from OnG.

Very OnG ... for 2016.


Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Last Call : e-learning

KLCI : Formed a hammer yesterday and I have a long e-meeting last night checking on many charts with trading members. I started to buy yesterday and on buying-spree today. Longed FKLI yesterday is doing very well now. If you are interested, join me in my stock-watch group (one may trial for a month)

Attention : I am going to start a new batch of e-learning (of basic technical analysis) as cheap/affordable rate. One needs to have the passion to learn ... about real "live" trading!!

Teaching mode : online e-meeting

Day : Every Wednesday

Time : 9pm to 10.30pm

Duration : 5 months (4 x 5 = 20 sessions)

Contact : or 012-821 0129

Hope ore will want to learn how to trade well. And yes ... one does not learn from few hours/days for workshop costing thousands of ringgit (don't kid yourself) ... but to go thru 5 long months with me, asking questions about trading!! That is the best way of real-live learning to trade, understand?

By the way, I was a teacher ... so, I do understand 'education' on how we all learn best. It is not whatever being shouted out there!! Be real ... welcome to real trading.

Hope to hear from more.


Saturday, January 16, 2016

The BIG short

Morning from KLIA2 ... flying off to KK in an hour time.

Starbuck ... choco(caramel) costing RM14.30 (exclusing GST of 81cents). Owned by Berjaya Starbucks Coffee Company Sdn Bhd.

BJCorp : The mommy of Berjaya Group ... trading at low 35cents. Do not be mis-led by the fact of 35cents is 'cheap'. Someone mentioned in forum that it is under-valued when it was trading around 50cents above. So, that makes ... at 35cents, it is extremely under-valued. With DOW diving at the moment, we shall visit her at 30cents or below?

Gardenia bread ... check which company behind that product ... is the company listed in KLSE(or other foreign markets?) ... that is what a street-smart investors should be doing ... check the sales, ask about friends' opinions ...

So ... are we prepared for market crash? Yes? No?

I watch 'The Big Short' last night ... alone. I was so interested with market crashes that I will buy the DVD and ask some of tratles to watch together soon!! So ... I am into futures-trading ... for the very reason that I could SHORT FKLI if market is crashing.

Anyway, the ticket (RM20) is over-priced ... I don't watch movie in cinema, it cost me MONEY ... which could be used as my CAPITAL ... to trade and lose ... but gain EXPERIENCES ... and waiting for greater opportunities with know-how + experiences to gain hugely!!

At the moment, I m learning to do day-trading using FCPO as an instrument. FKLI is a good instrument to hedge against our stocks.

Are we ready?? Seriously ... do you think market is crashing soon? 2016?

Lets the countdown begin ...


Friday, January 15, 2016

Becoming "Truman"

2016 song #2

孫燕姿 - 明天的記憶


在我最深處 有過你祝福
有花瓣的飛舞 淚水的凝固
輕撫 一路上成長的紋路
再默讀 那些愛的倉促
猶疑的腳步 堅持的酸楚
可是我很清楚 別在乎付出
潛伏 內心最柔軟的感觸
回憶的泥土 讓生命有厚度
讓明天把今天給記住 不是因為孤獨
因為我們追求的專注 不管它起起伏伏
讓今天把明天變特殊 未必因為幸福
因為我們努力不服輸 從來不曾退出
回頭不可數 被誤解的路
現在我弄清楚 那讓我成熟
潛伏 內心最柔軟的感觸
長成了大樹 讓生命有高度
讓明天把今天給記住 不是因為孤獨
因為我們追求的專注 不管它起起伏伏
讓今天把明天變特殊 未必因為幸福
因為我們努力不服輸 儘管失誤
讓明天的記憶不模糊 不是因為孤獨
因為我們執著的態度 不管它起起伏伏
讓今天把明天變特殊 未必因為滿足
因為我們過得不含糊 從來不曾退出

KYY's effect : There are many in markets talkin about KYY's stocks ... such as the hot VS and many 'export' stocks. As speculators and traders ... we will trade those stocks, knowing that many rushing in to buy ... FLBhd is another hotly promoted stock. Many more ... check KYY's writings for more info.

KLCI so volatile ... up-down-up ... and down again. So ... it is good to trade FKLI while FCPO is sideway ... my target is to profit RM200 per day. These few days doing better due to greater fluctuation ... what I m glad is 2-3 newbies I m mentoring in futures-trading are doing well ... and better than me!! Being a teacher, I m proud of their progress ... but reminding them to stay FOCUS.

I had a looong days ... and we are into TWO WEEKS of 2016 ... do we still feel motivated to do BETTER than previous years?

To follow my daily stories ... I m writing on my facebook !!


Murals : I saw this mural at the backlane of ss15 ... very nice, I took a picture and shared it on my facebook

Homeless : Or ... joined the 'feeding the homeless' as volunteer last week.

Pigeons : Saw these 'pigeon babies and egg'

So ... I enjoy little things around ... enjoy listening to nice songs ... tho I m having such hectic-busy days!!

There are so many things happening in a day ... pick those nice memories ... eliminate more negative remarks, negative thoughts and negative humans.  So ... it is easy for me to be thankful.

Need to go to fetch my gal ... then ... go for my tuition classes and dinner with family at nights. My normal routine ... besides watching KLSE and FCPO.

Have a nice weekend.


Tuesday, January 12, 2016


#1 song for 2016



 作詞:林夕 作曲:杜琪峰

該去就去 該來就來 愛你的人會明白
誰願意讓生命 一片空白

Gāi qùjiù qù gāi lái jiù lái ài nǐ de rén huì míngbái shuí yuànyì ràng shēngmìng yīpiàn kòngbái tǎngruò jiù zhèyàng yī qù bù huí rén zài bùzài rúguǒ yǒule ài háishì lì bù kāi

不怕天高 不怕地厚 愛你的人會明瞭 如果兩個人此生未了 不在暮暮朝朝 為愛情等待是種驕傲 天荒地老 剩下有情人 永遠不會老

Bùpà tiān gāo bùpà dì hòu'ài nǐ de rén huì míngliǎo rúguǒ liǎng gè rén cǐshēng wèiliǎo bùzài mù mù zhāo zhāo wèi àiqíng děngdài shì zhǒng jiāo'ào tiānhuāngdìlǎo shèng xià yǒuqíng rén yǒngyuǎn bù huì lǎo

不管黑不黑不管對不對等到天地都憔悴 不相信命運只相信愛情的完美 等到雨不下等到風不吹等到最後一滴眼淚 不相信天意只相信愛過不後悔

Bùguǎn hēi bu hēi bu guǎn duì bùduì děngdào tiāndì dōu qiáocuì bù xiāngxìn mìngyùn zhǐ xiāngxìn àiqíng de wánměi děngdào yǔ bùxià děngdào fēng bù chuī děngdào zuìhòu yīdī yǎnlèi bù xiāngxìn tiānyì zhǐ xiāngxìn àiguò bu hòuhuǐ

等到天黑等到風不吹等最後一滴眼淚 不相信天意只相信愛過不後悔 不管累不累不管對不對等到天地都憔悴 不相信命運只相信愛情的完美

Děngdào tiān hēi děngdào fēng bù chuī děng zuìhòu yīdī yǎnlèi bù xiāngxìn tiānyì zhǐ xiāngxìn àiguò bu hòuhuǐ bùguǎn lèi bù lèi bùguǎn duì bùduì děngdào tiāndì dōu qiáocuì bù xiāngxìn mìngyùn zhǐ xiāngxìn àiqíng de wánměi


Wednesday, January 06, 2016

FCPO : Good instrument to trade

Post #3 : Day 6 of 2016

It is 5.45pm now ... FCPO is closing ... and I was discussing my FCPO trades with my group. The trades were too fast for many as they are working, and some are newbies.

long 2494 ... covered 2505 ... short 2519 ... covered 2513. Very fast. haha. I am using 15-min chart, 3-candles system. Indicators too lagging for short trades. So ... most in the group could only look-see ... and I m doing it for whole one year, consistent now.

Those were 11 points and 6 points (could get 10 points, actually) ... 17 points in less than an hour is good. 1 point = RM25 ... I told those came for my FCPO e-meeting ... and will have few more with them to explain ... real trading.

Welcome to traders world.

I missed AirAsia at 1.32(support) ... arghh ... it shot up above 1.40. I will like AirAsia in my 2016 portfolio.

I missed JTiasa and Evergreen which I given to my trading group last week... some of them grabbed so, I m happy for them.

RHB : Grabbed at closing price yesterday at Rm5.60 as it formed inverted hammer .... and yesterday's high was 5.73 ... so, I sold 5.72 today ... done.

Wat else ..? looking at many breaking higher ... OIL down, MYR down ... exports stocks having party again. I m a contrarian ... so I like O&G for 2016.

EG : Breakout into new-high ... well ... those 'sifu' and 'IBs' promoting those stocks ... they are flying. I will focus in this now for the time being.

6.30pm now ... I m going to Central Market for an event ... have dinner there too.

Have a nice trading-year ahead.


Sunday, January 03, 2016

Trading is never easy

Post #1 :

Post # 2 for year 2016 ...

It is Sunday ... a lazy day for me to do anything much. Cleaning my home work-space ... preparing for Monday ... 1st day of trading day for year 2016.

My book-sharing group :

Tonight, I will be sharing a book titled "The New You" by Jackson Ng. The topic I have chosen is chapter 7, "make learning your new lifestyle" ... with a quote by the author

Quote " Ignorance is more costly than investment in knowledge.

Link :  Please join my meeting, Sunday, 3 January, 2016 at 8:45 PM Malay Peninsula Standard Time.

Playing the clip " Think and Grow Rich" while cleaning my space ... will listen to this ONE clip for whole Jan-16 ...

2016 will be another year to focus in FCPO as I am doing day-trading here. I have created trading-system for few members following my trades ... it is fast-n-furious as it is very volatile. But, I like the challenge and confident that 2016 will see me profiting well in trading FCPO. A notch ahead now ... training myself to be a trader ...

Generally, traders like me are introvert ... we prefer to face the screen and talk to no one. That was WHY I chosen trading at the first place!! I do not like to deal with people ... and prefer my own pace, freedom ...

but ... over the years, being a blogger ... I have known many-many traders. I have slowly opened up myself ... so that I could learn from many experienced ones.


When I was in Penang ... I met with 4 of these members. Two of them have known me for 4 yrs now ... another is working full-time as trader(WM) while another drove from SP just to meet me(treated me lunch the next day!!). These are my proud moments ... glad that I have helped many and they joined my stock-watch group too.

Now ... I m slowly pulling them to watch me trade FCPO. Haha ... oh yes, TC is a hardcore FCPO trader ... and we started together at same time, got burnt(joined an open group 2 yrs ago ... with many others but the group is quietly disappearing ... I left that group).

Training traders ... that is very difficult ... it takes TIME. Yes ... by 4 yrs being with me, definitely one will see how I have improved ... developing trader's mindset and creating trading systems. I used most of my time (2015) to create those systems ... in order to trade well in FCPO.

As I mentioned above, most great traders are TRAINED. They are not born ... so, I m training myself to be a good trader. Given another 3-5 yrs ... u will see me as a known great trader!! Haha. I m still an introvert ... I dislike to be in forum, dislike chatting ... and dislike in public. Tho I have ... somehow forced myself to change ... I m glad I did.

Being traders ... most of great traders are NOT trainers. As I also mentioned many of times, we traders prefer to focus in our own trading-system ... and trading plans. To train others will take our efforts and time(and patience too) ... so, I prefer to be the 'behind the screen' person rather than be a trainer. Note that of whatever bull-s#it those 'trainers' or 'promoters' telling us how they caught a breakout and earn 30% in a week or two, have you ever wonder ... if they are SO good, why are they working at nights or Sundays ... promoting their soft-ware which consist of their trading system?? If the system so so good ... they should be gaining so much that they will just employ many to trade on their behalf?

BY asked these questions ... he went to many talks in Penang, selling those softwares and systems. Hmm ... at least he used some common sense and asked such questions ... which I asked too when I was naïve ... attending many preview talks etc etc. If the software of the trading system works so well, why don't they apply it themselves and ... earn lots of money? Hmm ... interesting question but hard to answer ...

KLCI Dec 2015 closed lower than Dec 2014 ... can see the trend? It is down .... but my blue-chips fund done OK ... 3-5% profits for 6 months(started in July).

But ... my trading funds suffered losses due to few bad trades, one of them are 'Coolpad'(HKSE) which I have to cut-loss. Another is VST (HKSE). Will focus local KLSE trades and bite that as a lesson.

My pick 2016 : Oil & Gas.

I am a contrarian ... so, it is obvious why I like O&G in 2016 ... and will start to bottom fishing. Some said crude oil will dive further below USD30 .. or even expecting to see USD20. Wow ... that makes me ... liking it more. Cant blame me ... as I trained myself to be a contrarian.

Another I do pick will be UEMS (buy at current level).

So ... u see,, trading is very difficult. It is so difficult as it does not involved those indicators and such. It took lots of time for us to learn trading-systems, plan the trade ... and execution. It also requires money management and to cut-loss (risk management) when hit our stop-loss.

I will be more focus to day-trade FCPO and position trade in stocks for 2016. I will start to bet on O&G counters .... and expecting MYR to strengthen by end of 2016.

Export-counters have been doing extremely well in 2015 ... we shall watch for the sector that will be on-the-move in 2016.

So ... my challenge will be to make the whole group profitable.

Do consider to join my trading-group (can try a month too) and see how u could learn from those 'live' trades. No software ... just my eyes, brain ... and using my experiences.

Have a good trading week ahead. I will update my DONE trades in weekly basis ... using


Saturday, January 02, 2016

Happy New Year

POST # 3200

Wishing all readers a good year ahead.

Just came back from Penang ... it is late, will blah-blah on that later.

I have sold most of my stocks as it is a NEW YEAR. Besides, candlestick was not good on Wednesday.

So Wednesday ... I shorted during closing at 1699. And sold off Digi(finally) and GHLSys.

Digi vs GHLSys

Digi : I have huge position in her ... bought before ex-div 5.1cents ... then, it went lower after ex-div and collected more. I sold all on Wednesday ... and after holding nearly 2 months ... finally, glad to release her off with good profits. This is one of the counter many of my trading-members bought into ... and hold ... and hold ... to the paper-loss ... and phew ... it shot up during window-dressing (I asked all to buy before end of Dec where funds coming in to buy blue-chips).

Digi is not for contra ... not for short-term trades ... but about 1-3 months time frame.

GHLSys : I grabbed at 91.5cents average on the day the volume surged. It went lower the next few days with low volume ... perhaps due to contra-players selling ... then, it activated and shot up!! I sold all at RM1

GHLSys is a penny-stock .... so the trade is higher risk. And position-size should be way smaller than trading Digi. So ... these are for those quick-fingers and able to monitor. Many of members taken this trade too. A good one, indeed.

Stock-watch : Join me in my stock-watch 2016 ... and learn from the trades taken "LIVE". Everything written here were 'live' when we took it. I do know 2016 will be a volatile year ... and a very good year for traders!!

e-learning : To learn further, besides my weekly e-meeting (free) for members .... I do have few of them who wish to learn trading(thru weekly online platform) ... so, I created e-learning for 2016 (hope to start mid-Jan ) ... duration will be for 5 months.

Those interested, please contact me ... at or watsapp 012-821 0129 for details.

Happy New Year all ... all the best.