Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Sabah : Where my heart is

It is kinda cold here now ... 5.30pm ... Kundasang, near Kinabalu National Park.

KLCI up 10points ... I m on holiday and could not watch or trade. So ... it is kinda 'weird' as I m so used to be monitoring markets ... well, I think I do need the break.

Yeah ... I m slowing my pace ... and letting go of many un-real things in my life. In 2016, I will like to see minimal items ... will like to know more good human and learn the living-skills of living life to the fullest.

I know I m not financially rich(yet) ... but I will want to focus in few things and use my strength ... needing positive encouraging people to push me ... to move but at my own pace. Many things need to be done ... but I should not be too concern.

What I will want to do is ... be with my two kids. Yes ... time to spend more time playing with them and letting them to explore what they really like doing. My joy will be seeing them developing into healthy good-mannered kids. I will want to teach them to appreciate LIVE ... being thankful for all the beautiful things they could enjoy ...

Sabah ... this is the place I will want to retire. Yes ... it is still in my heart. I like the simple living of many Kadazan people here. They do have new huge shopping malls but I m always the jungle-person. I like trees ... rivers ... waterfalls ...jungles ... beach ... sea ... island. Yeah ... those are places I would like to be ...

---flower ----

2016 is nearing ... I m slowly becoming more REAL ... by eliminating many of those negative people and also negative elements.

2016 ... I m determined to make it another better year ... for my family and myself.

It is very difficult if we have negative people around us .... they will suck our energy. They will be always complaining and expecting the world to provide them. These are people who will only criticise us .... or others. Once we recognise these characters, we have to move ourselves away from them. It is wiser ... and this is something I have learnt ... and still learning. Saying NO to these people protected our mind ... our time ... our energy ... and yes, our lives.

Where my heart is?

It is not in Sabah ... it is in my family, my young kids.

So ... I m determined to eliminate these people, once and for all.

Time to get back to enjoy my dinner ... in natural cool place here.

Have a nice week ahead. We all should encourage each other to face lives ... POSITIVELY.


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