Thursday, December 17, 2015

Reflection ... in the making

Morning ... waking up like a zombie today as I have classes the whole day while trading FCPO (it dived 70 points!! That is over reaction and I hold one long overnight. We shall check later).

After a whole tiring day (plus heavy rain), I attended our last TM meeting of the year. I have been missing for my TM meeting (Tuesday night) as I have my trading e-learning for past 5 months.

TM : I have shifted my e-learning for next new batch (Jan - May 16) to Wednesday nights, to accommodate to my ToastMaster meeting. Frankly, being a simple-chin-chai person, I dislike many things about TM ... it is too structured, rigid and formal ... arghhh ... those politics, biro ... rigidness is very very boring, those so called "professionalism". Anyway, I hv decided to continue in 2016 as I like the learning to SPEAK and also knowing few good people there. Make it few ... please.

Yesterday's topic was REFLECTION.

12.50 am : I was writing the above ... then, distracted and running around ... took a nap due to too tired, waking up in mid-night ... watching DOW. It is forming a shooting-star at the moment.

I will need to change my schedules next year if I m serious about writing-a-book. Yeah ... it has been delayed for 3-4 years now. I still feel that I prefer to write a blog(this one) as I could write anything I like ... tho mostly in my mind is my trading, it is also about my plans in life.

I have tried many things for the past 10-years of my financial journey, changing my whole mindset ... to be where I m today(financially). I have also tried(and failed) many trading strategies, trading insturments/markets ... for the past 7 years since I started my trading adventures. I have met many traders or investors alike. I have attended courses and talks. So ... in a way, I have gathered knowledge and experiences.

At the moment, I m into trading futures. Actually, I started fkli/fcpo some 2-3 years ago with a group of trading kaki but many of us got burnt(I left the group as the leader no longer active) ... I was too naïve then. This year ... I am making a comeback to futures-trading and the first-half was a struggle as I m learning it by myself. Yes ... again, I m starting from ground-zero .... by myself, creating my own trading system. It is not the system ... it is the emotion that kills most of us. Anyway, I have a one full 2015-year ... focusing on futures-trading(mostly FCPO) and improving well now. In 2016, I will be more into it ... but in 2016 too, I will be getting busier!!

Busy ... busy ... busy.

I do need to pause ... and reflect on many things I m doing. I do need to prioritise and drop many things I m doing ... to focus. I m lacking of that as I have been juggling many things at a time. So .... I m taking a weekend off (to a dusun at Pahang) .... and hope I could draw out the whole plan on that.

I need to make time for what is important in lives ... and eliminate time-wasting activities. Also, I have continued to eliminate many-many negative people in my life ... and move on. Those supportive ones, I do appreciate their helps/support. It is always in my heart ... to appreciate kind humans around me. Those came and taught me lessons ... for me to grow to be a stronger person.

I was a weak person some years ago. I m still soft and sentimental inside. There are too many soft-spots in me ... and many 'bad-intention' people around taking advantage on that (for their self-centered benefits)

It is almost 1.30am ... time for a rest. I will have another long day with classes from 8.30am tmr.

p/s : Will you buy the book I am going to write? It will be on how I managed to get out of the E-quadrant(employee).

Night ...


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Peter Gan said...

What is the tentative title ( if any ) of the book you going to write ?
I am a book lover . I wish to buy.