Sunday, December 06, 2015

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Morning ... it is 3am here in Kudat. So ... where is this small town?

This is a map of Sabah ... a very nice place to stay. Supposingly a rich state with oil&gas, logs ... tourism. But ... besides, Sarawak ... Sabah is another poor state, instead. Well, I m not going to talk about politics ... but one may search how poor many REAL bumiputras here are ...

So ... to help out the poor? We could easily find many poor villages ... they are everywhere!! Those Kadazan, Dusun ...  Runggus and many more suku-suku kaum.

I am going to the "Tip of Borneo" later ...

Ok ... these are my on-goings ...

Charity : I am glad I could contribute a little to the 30 poor kids who are staying in an hostel, managed by Good Shepard Church ... and will write about them, to create awareness on their states and also to encourage more good-kind people to donate. They are the REAL needies. So ... I am determined to be back to help them and more of those remote-rural villages.

Markets : As I am on the move, the only stock I traded for a week is RHBCap (bought RM5.70, sold RM5.99) ... and yes, still managed to achieve my RM200 per-day target from the futures(FKLI/FCPO) this week. More consistent now from the day-trade.

Liverpool : Klopp .... the new manager effect is great at the moment. They managed to beat Chelsea and Man City. And they beat Southampton 6 - 1 (away) for a place in the semi. Great ...

Tuition : Still having to teach ... and in fact, more classes to handle. For 2016, I do need to slow-down on my tuition classes(by learning to say 'no'?). I need to focus in my trading more as I am doing more consistent in FKLI/FCPO now ... but I do still love to teach MATHS. Well ... will be managing tuition-centers and planning to open another one next year ...

Trading-group : I do hope to maintain my good records ... and with added "Learning Corner" in order for my trading members to learn ... trading. Also ... I am trying to improve my postings, e-meetings and contents.

Cohort-19 : I have just done a trading workshop for cohort-18(after 6 months of break?) a day before I flew in to KK. So ... I may plan for next workshop in Feb/Mac if there is a request.

Book-Sharing : I m joined a group " Roadmap to success" and discover that I could contribute ... by inspiring some of them who are keen to be successful. It is no secret ... hardwork, mindset and such ... but it is easier said than done kinda-stuff. We need constant motivation.

e-book-sharing : I have created my own group ... and to reach out to others, I m doing it thru online ... and enjoy sharing pages of some books I like ... I read and applying. It is open .... all are welcomed to join for free.

Biz : Venturing to invest in food-delivery service (Mobile-Waiter) as I m seeing the potential in these start-up. So ... I will be searching for another start-up to invest in. Perhaps JV with any entrepreneurs who have the idea to ... start? Anyone?? Contact me for a talk

WMT : This is Peter Yee's group where I am joining ... a lively group of successful people who shared similar wave-lengths on how we could use our MIND ... especially our NCM(non-conscious mind) to ... help us to achieve success.

Property : I am interested to learn more ... especially the auction-property-market. Might want to attend a course/workshop for that. Invest in myself is the best investment I knew of.

ToastMaster : I have adjusted my time ... for me to be able to attend the twice-a-month meeting. Yes ... time to get back to learn public-speaking and to get to know some of the members there. Those wish to join our MAD toastmaster group are welcomed. It is open to all.

Blogs : While I m supposed to write in more often ... I m certainly still much comfortable with my BlogSpot. Hmm ... time to move away from comfort zone?

It is year-end ... I have to trim down on things I m doing or handling as I m too occupied, lacking in focus. I m nearing my 50 ... needing to slow-down to enjoy LIFE with family. My two kids needing my attention more ... and my wife been with me thru the years I was struggling ... some 10 years ago!!

Time to reflect on the things I m doing ... people I met, books I m reading. TIME management is never my strength and I have learnt to multi-task. I have many groups ... and I will be dropping some of the things mentioned above ... focusing in few things (for better results).

Hopefully ... I will be able to meet more nice successful people with similar frequencies. Oh yes ... I have ignored many of my critics ... and those talk-kosong people ... they are still talking and critising me, I guess.

Live our own lives ... to the fullest. Learn from each other ... share!!

It is almost 4.30am now ... time to go to check on the sunrise!!


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