Thursday, December 03, 2015

It is Dec again ...Christmas Sales

Morning ... from Kota Kinabalu.

I m going to Papar ... might drive up to Beaufort later. Tenom-Keningau will be for tmr.

Doing nothing much ... except short trade in FKLI this morning to earn some points. It is the experiences that I m enjoying as I m still learning(very difficult leh) to trade futures.

RHBCap : Caught her nicely at RM5.70 ... when I was up there at Kundasang ... managed to go online!! Haha ... it closed RM5.78 on that day. I sold off part at RM5.99 yesterday ... and selling off today as I m moving.

RHBCap-OR done ... I was asking the group to watch RHB since the OR listed ... waiting for the day ... then as planned, when it rebounded ... grabbed on market price.

A short technical-rebound trade that done well. Still stuck inside Digi, tho. We shall see if yellow-man going to move ...

Anyway ... year-ending now ... we may see Christmas sales soon ... then, we go shopping, waiting for window-dressing. That is what I told my trading-members this morning. We keep cash ... for shopping.

I still remember I bought 10 penny-stock last year mid-dec when I was in KK. It was a Tuesday when I am suppose to drive up to Kundasang ... and bought WILLOW at bottom when I was up in the chalet there. Haha... great memory, tho. Yes ... I planned to buy 10 ... but bought 11 instead ... the last inclusion was SKPres ... one may check my 2014 mid-dec post ...

Preparing my 10 penny-stock list .... in case it dives as sharp as last Dec.

Have a nice week.


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