Sunday, December 20, 2015

Get-away : 8 acres@Raub

I took a weekend off ... drove to Bentong-Raub on Friday and missed most of the 'Friday's show ... where FCPO rebounded!!

Anyway ... it is worth the drive ... a very nice get-away.

Matta Fair : We bought it cheaper during Matta-Fair ... but it is worth it, anyway.

We stayed here : ... check out the photo-gallery here ... nice.

This is one rare moment I m with my son ... enjoying. So ... after reflecting on the moments, I have decided to spend more 'get-away' time with my family. It is my new-year resolution. I just need to cancel a weekend(Sat/Sun) classes ... and be away from city. Making it a one-month once activity. Slowly ... I will invite some of our tratles(and family) to join in the fun ... have family-day outing plus book-sharing sessions at night!!

Will start to plan ... to have fun and enjoy more ... and reducing my work-work-work.

Live the life ... positively.

Have a nice Sunday.


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