Friday, December 04, 2015

Christmas Charity Drive

Asrama Desa Pukak (ADP) is a hostel for primary school children located in the village of Pukak, Kiulu, in the district of Tuaran in Sabah. This hostel was established in January 2008 and is located about 1 hour 30 minutes away from Kota Kinabalu and. It has the capacity to accommodate 30 children.

The main objective of this hostel is to enable these children, who come from remote rural villages surrounding Pukak, to attend school on a regular basis so as to raise their academic standards and complete their primary education successfully.

If not for the hostel, these children would have to walk two and a half hours or more over hilly terrain to get to SK Pukak everyday. School attendance would be dictated by the weather and the strength of each child. Access to these villages is only possible by four-wheel drive vehicles traveling on gravel or mud tracks and few in the village have such vehicles.

I am glad that I could contribute a little to this small hostel ... in a rural area ... Kiulu.

I will be getting them towels, blankets, pillows and mattresses. Yes ... I managed to collect about RM2.6k (not RM2.6bil) for them ... and anything not enough will come from me. Will need to check the conditions ... perhaps they need fans, bed ... or even writing desks or tables. I will get the furniture shop to send to them.

Will take pictures ... and create awareness in in many ... on how poor many rural-kampong REAL bumiputras are ... reaching out to them will not be easy.

Asrama Desa Pukak
P. O. Box 20647
88763 Luyang
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Tel: 088-485 371
Fax: 088-485 372

time for real work ... and share the joy.


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