Sunday, December 13, 2015

A lazy Sunday ...

Morning ... Selangor won the Malaysia Cup (vs Kedah, 2 - 0). I used to go to Stadiums to support the team ... merah-kuning. Those were the days ... when Zainal still playing.

Anyway ... congrats to Selangor and we are having an off-day on Monday.

I went to BBW at The Mines, instead. Done my round 1 of buying books on Saturday but too heavy to carry ... and with two kids hanging around. So ... we went again for round 2 (books shopping) last night 9pm ... thinking at night might be lesser people ... arghh ....very wrong, it is Sat night where more people coming to check on the books-sales and today is the last day!!

These are my round-1 books ... making sure I do not buy those finances, business, management, self-help ... motivational books!! More "China" books and I will be travelling to YangTze ... yes, the great river.

YangTze ... my first visit to China will be to the river (not the wall) and the mountains. Perhaps the beach and seas ... something I noticed that I love more. The nature ...

Yeah ... I do love to indulge myself with these books ... it will be great if we could have few friends with similar interests ... to share those books over a coffee. I am creating that ... by starting with my book-sharing group --- click here to join

Till then ... I will still share some motivational/trading-investing/financial books I am reading thru online.

In future, I do hope I will have few good travelling-friends to be with me ... to climb Mt Kinabalu, diving at SiPadan ... to travelling to China(if I m rich enough, on me ... no issue).

Kindle : Finally ... after 3 - 4 years of wishing to have Kindle ... I was ill-afford one back then ... so, I told myself to 'delay gratification' ... wait till the technology improves and the price to drop. Last night, I decided to grab one as my own Christmas gift ... I seldom buy items for myself, anyway.

Oh yes ... before I forget ... today is the last day to The Mines. If you are there, try to do small-donation ...

It is meant for 60 hospitals. So, I bought some for the kids.

Shells : As I mentioned in the other post, I will 'show' the shells I collected so far. I lost a shoe-box full of another type of shells. Will need a 'home' for them. Now you know what I am collecting ... pssttt ... all I want for Christmas is .... hehe

Stamps : I cleared 8 stamp-albums and brought back my stamps, finally. Well ... it will take me some time ... to shop for nice stamp-albums. Yeah ... I will want to revive my interests in stamp-collecting. I have hundreds of FDC and will spend time on that. Again ... anyone to be my friend, and we talk about stamps or first-day-cover?

So ... my interests are collecting stamps and shells!! I do like reading books and listening to songs too, besides writing casually in the blog!! I m taking the challenge to write a book ... one day!! It has been 3 yrs now I procrastinated on writing a book. Haha ...

I do hope I will resume my 'bowling' and 'running'. The excuses of my knee-hurting been hanging on for too long.

e-learning : Ok ok .. I really need to start to promote my trading-lessons through online ... the e-learning!! It will be every WEDNESDAY 9pm to 10.30pm from Jan16 to May16. I need to put so many testimonials for my e-learning from those attended. Learning LIVE as the market is dynamic ... weekly basis of analyzing and Q&A is the only way those who really want to learn trading could learn. Contact me if you are interested to LEARN. We cant force a person to learn if he/she doesn't wants to.

Let's talk about money : SAVING

While I practice delayed gratification (live below our means), it is very important that we SAVE 10% of our income. I do spend another 10% to invest in MYSELF(joining groups, subscribe to magz, buying books, attending workshops and such).

So ... 'pay yourself first' concept is the initial step I took exactly 10 years ago!! My salary was about RM2,500 net ... so, I went to open an ASB account(loan from Maybank) and forced saving. I have been paying RM250 monthly for past 10 years ... without realising it. At initial stage, it was difficult as I was in huge-debt and very tight financially with my new-born boy.

During my last trip, I finally paid my last installment. As my income increases, 3 years ago ... I took another loan with Maybank (RM570 per month) ... another 'pay yourself first' concept. It forced me to SAVE.

As I was a financial IDIOT some years ago ... I have to force myself to SAVE. That is the only way for me to get ahead ... of my debt.

Note : The loan from Maybank is about 5.5% and ASB is paying me 7.5%, so the 'difference' of 2% is my profit, while forcing myself to SAVE. By the way, it is only for 'bumiputras'.

Now that my 1st-ASB saving expired, I am planning for a new ASB-II. They said I should take the 'maximum' amount of loan. Will check on that.

What else to blah-blah about? Hmm ...

yes ... new circle of friends!!

Yes ... old friends moving away from us ... for whatever reasons. There is always reason for everything? It is ok not to know ... but we need to continue to move as we need to set our goals ... enjoy the journey(leave those sour-grapes, bad people and those negative ones, for a start).

Will pause here ... and to continue with my YangTze book. Hehe.

Have a nice Sunday.

p/s : Don't worry ... we shall see more red-red in KLSE next week. Stay safe .... cut-loss if the key in trading.


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