Friday, December 25, 2015

2015 Christmas Day post

 As 2016 is nearing ... we are all reflecting on our 2015 ... what were those significant events or things we have done.

I am doing many things at a time, trying my juggling skills ... i do get distracted. So ... i do need to look thru the whole year and see which one i will want to focus in 2016.

FOCUS is what i needed.

My FOCUS will still be my trading-group ... making sure all profiting and learning what trading is about. Also ... FOCUS in my FCPO trades which i m doing consistent now.

That will be my MAIN FOCUS : My trading group and FCPO.

Grow from there ... I will definitely could be a better trader in 2016 as I m still improving.

FOCUS in living ... to be with my family more often as I have 'neglected' them for far too long ... so, i will be visiting more of those 'out of city' trip with family ... spending time to reflect on lives, in general.

Next FOCUS will be my tuition classes which I need to maintain. I will still be busy with my tuition-classes ... another part of my income. While planning for next center, i will have to check if i could cope with the many things going-on.

As for blogs ... i personally prefer here. This blog is my 'cyber home' where i write about my trading-adventures and many 'personal' events. As we all grow to be better person ... it will be good to have a 'diary' to record our days/weeks/months ... to define a year.

As much as I want to write about my 2015 year ... it will be loooong ... and i m needing to go out again to spend some time, cherishing the Christmas decorations!

Happy Holiday.


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