Monday, November 16, 2015

Tonight e-meeting

Many e-mail me but I have not replied (very busy) ... frequently asked questions such as how the weekly e-meeting being conducted ... and so on.

Tonight, if it is not full ... I will open it to those interested to join my trading group ... it is to view what I stalk/watch ... and what I buy-sell.

Example : This morning posted the MyEg chart for all to stalk ... to trade again. We have been trading MyEg numerous of times.

This is the chart shown this morning ... it hit RM3.11 ... I wanted it at RM3.05 but it rebounded sharply. Some funds are buying ... so fast.

Then ... rebound and I grabbed at RM3.24 (was busy with FCPO which diving today nicely).

It closed at RM3.30 ... what a long tail ... will discuss tonight.

To join ... go to

See you around 9.30pm (will send the link to my members first la)


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