Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Stock Watch : FGV

FGV : As I openly written that I bought at 1.83(most recent trade on FGV) and sold all at 1.99 ... it went to hit 2.04, resistance. Go to if I have written there. I cant remember ... but i shown all my trades openly "LIVE" with members, so ... hard to lie/cheat.

As FGV retraced to 1.86 today, i m watching for my next trade on her ... been trading FGV since 1.20 plus level.

yes .... today KLCI dropped 20points ... and I have given enough 'warning' last week ... and on Monday (9th Nov)  ... it is a SHORT for FKLI. Nice to know one of my futures-group shorted FKLI and profited well today.

I wanted to blog too ... besides talking about trading or stocks for the whole day. I m focusing in trading FCPO and SOY at the moment.

I will like to write about my WMT group ... my venture into MW ... and the development in my FCPO/SOY trading.

Do join my trading group ... for trial Nov/Dec and you will see what stocks I am trading. Besides, I do give e-meeting every Monday night for update, weekly.

contact me at 012-821 0129 (sms/wataspp) and ad me in facebook.

Happy trading as many stocks dropping nicely for us to pick


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