Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Slowing my pace ...

Welcome little kitty ... haha. As I heard the cries ... abandoned in front of Maybank ... no one bother. I picked her up ... hungry, fear ... and injured.

So, I feed her ... today is day-5 ... and time to name the kitten!! I am glad as it brings me simple happiness ... as I do find simple joy in my life ... while my surrounding people looking for LARGER items ... I looked in my heart. How do I make myself happy?

To be happy to me is to find peace .... finding something close to my heart, most of them ... my dollar-cents could not buy me that.

No one taught us about HAPPINESS ... all we read are robbing ... corruption ... war ... rape ... dramas ... MEDIA showing us the negative part of lives and expecting us to stay positive. They are doing BIZ ... and needs to cater for the majority public ... who ....well, 80% of non-successful people around.

Anyway ... how to be happy?

Look inside us ... take a PAUSE. Breathe. Feel. Reflect.

I am not your happiness-guru ... I am just a Math-teacher, like everyone else ... searching for meaning of lives and wanting to be happy too. But ... HAPPINESS cant be found OUTSIDE. That is definite ... we cant be happy simply because my Eatech rebounded strongly for me to profit? Can we find happiness in changing our car or mobile-phone? Err ....

Those are temporarily ... feeding to our GREED, and with GREED of materials(MONEY), one could not find lasting happiness. The next thing one might think is to CHANGE a new car next month!! Haha ... yes, they wonder why they are not happy?

Another subject we are never taught well is MONEY ... our personal finances. Somehow, we all work-work-work for MONEY ... yet, many denying that money is important. Inside them, they are STRESS on money ... and HOPING to earn more and .... some even dream to be rich!!

Good to have dream ... place the goals in smaller pieces and take action!! MOST will just talk-talk-talk ... and complaining about their salary, bonuses, increments ....and continue to COMPLAIN. How are they going to be happy ... if all they do is hope, wish ... day-dreaming?

I am easily content person ... those knew me in person will recognise that. Simple. But I have huge goal ... and dare to dream.

My wife and kids flew off to KK .. and I m home alone. Time to reflect on many things ... the going-on ... and preparing for 2016. I certainly slowing down my pace ... and looking into LIFE in brighter simpler way ... of living.

2.50pm : Done with lunch ... banana-leaf. Waiting for FCPO re-open at 3pm. SOY is surging but FCPO is down ... weird ... I longed FCPO yesterday and now in paper-loss.

Ok ... FCPO gap up ... surging. Good. Let it be ... where am I in today's lazy post?

Eatech : I sold Hevea 1.52 for her ... to buy at 1.17 and top up 1.24. Yesterday, I sold her at 1.31. Bye-bye .... earning report is out, fyi. It closed at 1.34 and I asked my members to sell at resistance RM1.38.

Waterfalls : There are so many of them ... yesterday SIGN dived ... today is Johotin. Many more la ... earning season now ... no good reports, it will be pressed down and selling. Last night, during my e-learning ... I shown the group WHY SIGN showing bearish signals ... and we should have sold her last week before the gap-down.

Cohort-18 : Yes .... learn about these basic technical charting to make decisions. Going to have my cohort-18(my trading workshop) this Saturday from 9pm to 6pm. Normally I made it two-day event (sat&sun) but there is a request by those participants to make it in a day ... and then, continue with my stock-watch to learn from me.

contact me if you wish to join my simple trading-workshop. sms/watsapp at 012-8210129

Ok ... I am going to play with the kitten ... listening to "Opick" ... while having my 'Heskey' drink.

Have a nice day ...


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Remnant 888 said...

Glad CP adopted an abandoned and homeless kitty.

Kitty susceptible to bellyworms so watch out for bloated stomach. Buy ONE deworm tablet from vet or pet shop if needed- only 1/10 of tablet is required.
Also watch out for pinkish eyelids or conjuctivitis or eyes infection- terramycin from any pharmacy will do the trick of healing.
These are the minor weakness of SOME little kittens on the streets..

But CP kitty looks healthy and should have a good apetite..
And live long- 9 lives.. Lol..
Take care bro.