Monday, November 23, 2015

Monday blah-blah

Morning ... it is Monday rush again ... but not so rush as it is school-holiday. As for me, Monday morning I do have classes ... and I m done for the day.

I had a good book-sharing session last night ... talking about how I have changed my view on MONEY some 10yrs ago ... and was continuing to improve myself, financially.

So ... I shared a good book by Azizi Ali (Money is everything) ... well, just 30 attended(almost all are from my own trading group).

Well ... this blog of mine started Aug 2008, I have about 30 readers back then.

When I started my trading-group .. I also have about 30 members only.

So ... last week when I shared a book by Adam Khoo (Winning in life) ... I also have about 30 came for my talk. It is free ... but not many interested to spend their time to listen to me blah-blah bout my stories.

Someone told me ... it is inspiration ... and thanking me to share with him. Also, another said I have managed to open up his mind .... yes, I want to make it mind-provoking!! Haha.

Anyway ... I will continue to have more-n-more sessions of book-sharing (rather than blogging here)!!

Planning on Wednesday night another book-sharing ... this time I will have 2-in-1 : Adam Khoo plus Azizi Ali. Both are financial guru ... and I learnt a lot by reading their books.

READ some good financial books if one is to learn how to be financially free.

READing is not good enough.

Take time to APPLY ... as only applied knowledge is power. Knowledge without action is just information overload, to me.

FGV : As I have sold at 1.99 ... last Friday, I bought back(thru FGV-c7) when FGV breaking 1.83 level ... so, many in my trading group followed. At the moment, FGV at 1.87 level ... and FGV-c7 at 15cents. I m selling as I grabbed at 13-13.5cents.

It is 10.20am ... waiting for opening of FCPO. It is very difficult to trade futures ... especially FKLI as it is manipulated ... FCPO more liquid ... and easier to be used for day-trading.

11.01 am ... take profit my long FCPO closing last Friday at opening 2309 today for 16points. Very difficult to trade now as it is gapping up-down and very tight range.

Time to go home ... to play with my kids.


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