Monday, November 02, 2015

Internet Marketing ... ?

Morning ... as KLSE is boringly moving lower with nothing much to buy yet(except I started to buy Digi la ... I will follow you).

Or if you prefer the song ... here the best version.

Ok ... enough of Digi .. what am I supposed to blog about? It is almost lunch hour ... kinda hungry.

Yes yes .. IM = Internet Marketing.

Recently, someone created an IM (learning and sharing) group ...thru watsapp ... and it is called watsapp-marketing? Heck ... whatever terms they are using. Haha.

Anyway ... I have been dormant in the group, never read those messages(hundreds in a day!! haha) till last night .. Sunday night .. out whole day, kids tired and slept early.

So ... I was curious what the box chatting about ... with few hundreds messages in a day??

Then .. got to know 2 very experienced in IM ... and they attended some IM courses too, and conducting IM-course for beginners too!! Great to know these IM people ... as I need to promote myself, change my mindset. I m into biz-leh ... must do packaging(look at the moon-cake packaging! haha)

So .. they said : Blogging is part of IM??

What?? How come I have been blogging for past 18 years ... about my bowling, my ex-gfs ... my songs, my college life ... and more ... I got nothing? I never bother to check on what I could do further with blogging .... except I blog due to needs to express ... and throw my emotion to the huge cyber-space. haha

How na├»ve I was ... and never bother to gain some $$$ from the ad ... putting google-adsense. I do not even know how to log-in, forgotten the password etc etc. Maybe  ... I need to re-activate my google-adsense. I used to earn some RM100 per month leh. Now .... zero!!

So ... knowing those IM-expert will be good too. Need to treat them coffee ... and hope they could guide me to improve in my IM ... but not the way I write blog, please.

One of them suggested that I planned my posts!! Arghh ... near impossible as I m a BLOGGER leh

Don't know how to explain ... those who write blogs with motives or planned are WORKING ... and wont last leh ... they lack of PASSION. They are motivated with personal-agenda ... not like crazy me, blog for passion ... daily for hours ... for years!! Haha ...

I didn't blog here in daily ... I know, no longer after I lost the momentum some 2-3 yrs back. After I created ... and was hoping to use that site ... but .... but .. I really really comfortable and prefer here ... heart is where home is, they said.

So ... to learn IM without wanting to listen to 'sifus' ... how to be successful la? I don't know ... I hope to engage them to help me, but I m the stubborn one!! I am a teacher ... hard to do marketing. Haha.

Well ... as I m using Facebook a lot too ... social-media is a tool for IM? What?? Why these people all think of is money ar? Cannot play FB for fun meh? Or blog for sharing ... for pleasure reading?

Ok ok ... I bought a few IM books .. haha ... might start to read one-two pages. Those are very boring books ... unlike my self-help or trading books. Perhaps my passion is not in marketing at all ... so, I do wonder how those marketers enjoy their jobs!!

Ok ... time for lunch .... marketing or not. Join my trading group. Using blog, is it called IM? haha


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