Friday, November 06, 2015

FGV : At resistance ... sold all

FGV : Sold all my FGV today at RM1.99 ... finally. We traded from RM1.50 level ... and some of them still held to it ... and managed to sell RM2 today. There are so many of my trading-members bought into it. Phew ... glad it worked well this time.

To join my trading group : Trial Nov&Dec ... contact me or 012-821 0129.

Today i was talking to a guy who left his full-time job ... to do internet-marketing!! Wow ... will want to write about our 4 hours chit-chat ... and how he could 'retired' from his full-time job ... so, i m at same page as him ...

Also ... i wanted to write about my trading in SOY and FCPO. I am focusing into it daily now ... will openly show the results to all my trading members in futures-group.

Cohort-18 : I am planning for a trading workshop this month (tentatively 21/22 NOV) ... and have few inquiries  now ... after few months break. Yes ... those who wish to learn to trade as 'cheap' price ... an ah-pek way.

I was very busy with tuition classes as students are still for their final exams.

Then ... next month will rest ... off to KK in Dec ... back for Christmas in Penang.

Tired ... and glad I shorted FCPO just now ... as SOY is diving from 28.64 to 27.91 as i m writing here.

Night ...


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