Thursday, November 19, 2015

Being an author ...

Morning ... DOW rebounded sharply. Forget about market for a while ... as I m relaxing outside an air-cond Uncle Lim's kopi-tiam ... having my breakfast.

Today ... in mood sikit to write.

I knew this author in person ... a very nice lady (she used to give me free executive-management dairy) ... and wanting to interview her!! Haha ... I want to ask how she becoming an author and learn from her ... so, I will write about my journey becoming an author ... one day.

See ... I m a blogger, not an author. I blog REAL time ... real thoughts from my mind. I m writing from my heart ... a passion to blog. So ... to write a book is a STRESSFUL kinda job. I dislike the conformity, the rules-regulations ... I prefer suka-suka without restrictions ... I like rojak way of writing ... and dislike those liking to read boring strict so-called good Ingeris.

Yes ... I like to ask the author out for a drink and speak to them ... how they became an author. I do take extra steps to get to know them ...but most authors are writing about FINANCIAL as those occupying my book-racks.

8.47 am : FKLI shorted 1660 done as I m writing here. Later only we check ... take profit/cut-loss.

I did have a chance to co-author a book with my ex-colleague(Taylor's lecturer) as he went into writing books (to carry his name ... to give financial-workshops and such). Oopss ... probably he is writing this lines too. Heck. Congrats to him as he is young and I do like to encourage him to achieve his financial goals. I bought 10copies of his books and distribute to those want to read.

I admire this young colleague of mind ... he has his financial-mindset right ... and there are VERY few of them ... in teaching line have these financial-freedom goal. Congrats again, George ... if u r reading my writing today. Haha.

9.10 am : FKLI covered 1655 done ... for my 5-points profit for today. Thanks to DOW up 200plus points la.

FKLI : Trading FKLI is my main weakness and lost me a lot of money so far. But, one day ... I will be back to trade FKLI. At the moment, my focus is FCPO (10.30am) ...

Where am I?

Writing a book ... yes ... I might want to join Azizi-Ali in writing a book workshop as he has trained many new authors ... in fact, these are so-so many new books published in monthly basis ... and the qualities of books ... zzz ... u know, when we increase the quantity ... the quality zzzz. hehe.

I met Andrew-Chia ... a bubbly happy-go-lucky person. I like his books(I have full set, I think) ... including his public-speaking book!! He is a well-known author about Money-Secret, Stock-Investment and such. I got him to autograph all the books personally ... when I met with him.

Also ... Peter Yee ... an author of property and with his latest book on WMT. So, I joined his group and glad I m learning about MIND from the known-guru. I like his Money-Skill book the best of all his books.

Alan Tan ... a blogger and an author about "Earning money thru blogging" and "Stock Market --- he interviewed me and have me there!! What an honour!!". He attended to my trading workshop and then got to know me, a real stock-trader!!

Oh yes ... recently I joined MPH Writer-Circles and met Lydia-Teh(not my sister la) ... she was encouraging young-new bugging writers who may want to write a book!! After the talk, I want to give-up writing a book ... er ... they earn 10% of the sales and also most books will NOT BE BEST SELLERS. So ... many new-upcoming authors saying that ... it is NOT for the money?

Huh? Then ... write a blog, like me ... no need control, no need to publish hardcopy(save the tree, please)

MYEG : Breakout of RM3.45 as I m writing here ... 10am now. Missed to grab ... arghhh ...

Ok ... time to prepare for my FCPO opening.

Will I be an author .... one day? Yes, if they could allow me to write whatever heck in my head, whatever way I like. But .... am I supposed to write what the READERS like? zzz ... I wont la ... I don't care about majority as most of them wont like to read my writings. I talk about REAL struggle ... real human, doing real work .... to move out of EMPLOYMENT (left my full-time teaching last year after 20 yrs teaching in college!!) ... I am talking about hard-failing-painful work on learning to trade ... and REAL traders with emotion control(not trading with robots ... whatever software etc) ... I m talking about REAL life ... getting out of debt .... and increase my financial knowledge in SLOW manner ... planning on expansion of my investment in biz ...

.... failing ...

.... falling ...

being condemned to fail .... criticise by many ...

I prefer to blog here ... talking about REAL LIFE.

Wake up to the reality ... something I enjoy the most. I will not like those get-rich-scheme telling you that we don't need to work hard but work smart ... then showing you their big-car or house to impress you (GREED in play). I prefer to tell all that I m riding second-hand kap-chai and my 5-yr old Proton. If you have followed my blog, you will even know that I was driving a Kancil in KK ... moving to KL here to work hard ... and able to buy a Proton 5 yrs ago with my RM4k salary !!

I like REAL stories la ... so, can I write about HOW I GET OUT OF MY IDIOTIC FINANCIAL BRAIN?

That is a good book title ... can I use vulgar-words are ... WTF with these world la? Stupid or what?

By the way, a book with title WTF (property book) selling like hot-cake!!

So ... How about the title " WTF with our stupid-idiotic financial brain?" Good title ... as that was the harsh words I told myself ... some 10years ago, when I was at my lowest point in my financial-life.

Can or not? Faster la ... tell me ... can scold bad-harsh words to the stupid majority or not? Those empty-tins ... talk-talk like they are best in trading stocks/financial markets ... those talk and do nothing, having pitiful lives? Those idiotic salesman telling me his system could profit 10% per MONTH ... yet he still working at night, selling his software?

Can tell truth in my book meh? Got people buy to read? Come on la ... majority public are followers, HERD MENTALITY and living in illusion .... zzz ....

So ... from the above, conclusion ... I could never be an author. No one will want to publish my writing/book. I cant tell truth ... I cant expose many bull-shit about trading, financial, real lives ... so, I cant write naturally. That will give me ... emmm .. difficulties in the flow-of-words. Haha.

10.20am liao ... time to focus ... back to market.

Have a nice day ... stay real la, it is easier and happier that way. Just do our best ... and help others too.

This Sunday night I will share a book ... yes, the book I like to share "Money changes everything" by Azizi Ali.

Hevea : Selling my Hevea today ... saying TQ.


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