Saturday, November 21, 2015

22nd Nov : Book-Sharing

Morning ... supposed to attend a talk but i have classes, instead.

It is Saturday ... holiday time. My wife & kids will be flying off to KK for 2-3 weeks ... while i will join next weekend.

Cohort-18 : Next Saturday, I will be conducting a trading-workshop (cohort-18) to few of my new-found friends. Those who wish to join, do contact me (012 821 0129) and I will add you in the watsapp group.

go to where I posted about selling Hevea (sold at RM1.52) and changed to Eatech (bought at RM1.17) on Thur ... a good decision, indeed.

Hevea : That is bearish-engulfing candlestick ...might want to consider if back to 1.38 level again ... i sold as good-reports out, gapped-up ... with huge volumes. Herd-retailers will chase ... it is just their nature. So ... sell to them!!

Someone watsapp me to ask if he could buy Hevea-wb when it gapped up usual, i do not answer as it is 'trade at your own risk'. I always prefer not to chase. There are many mmore to trade ... why rushing?

Eatech : Grabbed at average 1.17 when i saw hammer is forming. Added yesterday at 1.24 ... again, u may join me in my trading-group to know how i traded "hammer" here.

I do have losing trades, of coz ... such as cut-loss small in Armada (then it shot up) and Parkson.

Lets talk about my book-sharing (tmr night). Click on the link tmr night around 8.50pm.

I will like to share a very good book by one of my fav author, Azizi Ali. I read his books since the "Millionaire in me".  Join my book-sharing group if you wish.

Chapter 6 : Educate yourself in money matters

What a good topic ... as I have been educating myself about money matters for past 10yrs, a total change in my financial mindset as i knew that is the MOST important step.

Buy this book ... it is VERY good. Do not pretend. Take action and face facts.

Learn to invest in stock-markets, learn to invest in properties ... learn to save and save. Learn
about biz and networking. Learn about how we could earn more money ... and create streams of income. Learn ... mix with those motivated (not money-minded, scams or those suckers) people to excel ... in lives.

That is how i grow ... ad teaching myself about MONEY.

Oh yeah ... the book-sharing is free ... FREE? Where got such thing, you MIND playing up there as you are narrowed minded ... and think everyone want to con your money!! See?

Cheap is not good ... see your mind playing MONEY with you?

Till I share tmr night ... have a nice weekend.


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