Wednesday, November 25, 2015

How to trade a HAMMER

Just home ... it was raining ... and since I am alone at home, I will have a session of e-meeting ... for educational purposes.

I am choosing a topic "HAMMER" ... and how we trade if we see a hammer.

click here to join :

Fees : Any amount ... donation for my coming Christmas Charity Drive. I will have another session ... in case some giving excuses of last minute ... not free.


Slowing my pace ...

Welcome little kitty ... haha. As I heard the cries ... abandoned in front of Maybank ... no one bother. I picked her up ... hungry, fear ... and injured.

So, I feed her ... today is day-5 ... and time to name the kitten!! I am glad as it brings me simple happiness ... as I do find simple joy in my life ... while my surrounding people looking for LARGER items ... I looked in my heart. How do I make myself happy?

To be happy to me is to find peace .... finding something close to my heart, most of them ... my dollar-cents could not buy me that.

No one taught us about HAPPINESS ... all we read are robbing ... corruption ... war ... rape ... dramas ... MEDIA showing us the negative part of lives and expecting us to stay positive. They are doing BIZ ... and needs to cater for the majority public ... who ....well, 80% of non-successful people around.

Anyway ... how to be happy?

Look inside us ... take a PAUSE. Breathe. Feel. Reflect.

I am not your happiness-guru ... I am just a Math-teacher, like everyone else ... searching for meaning of lives and wanting to be happy too. But ... HAPPINESS cant be found OUTSIDE. That is definite ... we cant be happy simply because my Eatech rebounded strongly for me to profit? Can we find happiness in changing our car or mobile-phone? Err ....

Those are temporarily ... feeding to our GREED, and with GREED of materials(MONEY), one could not find lasting happiness. The next thing one might think is to CHANGE a new car next month!! Haha ... yes, they wonder why they are not happy?

Another subject we are never taught well is MONEY ... our personal finances. Somehow, we all work-work-work for MONEY ... yet, many denying that money is important. Inside them, they are STRESS on money ... and HOPING to earn more and .... some even dream to be rich!!

Good to have dream ... place the goals in smaller pieces and take action!! MOST will just talk-talk-talk ... and complaining about their salary, bonuses, increments ....and continue to COMPLAIN. How are they going to be happy ... if all they do is hope, wish ... day-dreaming?

I am easily content person ... those knew me in person will recognise that. Simple. But I have huge goal ... and dare to dream.

My wife and kids flew off to KK .. and I m home alone. Time to reflect on many things ... the going-on ... and preparing for 2016. I certainly slowing down my pace ... and looking into LIFE in brighter simpler way ... of living.

2.50pm : Done with lunch ... banana-leaf. Waiting for FCPO re-open at 3pm. SOY is surging but FCPO is down ... weird ... I longed FCPO yesterday and now in paper-loss.

Ok ... FCPO gap up ... surging. Good. Let it be ... where am I in today's lazy post?

Eatech : I sold Hevea 1.52 for her ... to buy at 1.17 and top up 1.24. Yesterday, I sold her at 1.31. Bye-bye .... earning report is out, fyi. It closed at 1.34 and I asked my members to sell at resistance RM1.38.

Waterfalls : There are so many of them ... yesterday SIGN dived ... today is Johotin. Many more la ... earning season now ... no good reports, it will be pressed down and selling. Last night, during my e-learning ... I shown the group WHY SIGN showing bearish signals ... and we should have sold her last week before the gap-down.

Cohort-18 : Yes .... learn about these basic technical charting to make decisions. Going to have my cohort-18(my trading workshop) this Saturday from 9pm to 6pm. Normally I made it two-day event (sat&sun) but there is a request by those participants to make it in a day ... and then, continue with my stock-watch to learn from me.

contact me if you wish to join my simple trading-workshop. sms/watsapp at 012-8210129

Ok ... I am going to play with the kitten ... listening to "Opick" ... while having my 'Heskey' drink.

Have a nice day ...


Monday, November 23, 2015

Monday blah-blah

Morning ... it is Monday rush again ... but not so rush as it is school-holiday. As for me, Monday morning I do have classes ... and I m done for the day.

I had a good book-sharing session last night ... talking about how I have changed my view on MONEY some 10yrs ago ... and was continuing to improve myself, financially.

So ... I shared a good book by Azizi Ali (Money is everything) ... well, just 30 attended(almost all are from my own trading group).

Well ... this blog of mine started Aug 2008, I have about 30 readers back then.

When I started my trading-group .. I also have about 30 members only.

So ... last week when I shared a book by Adam Khoo (Winning in life) ... I also have about 30 came for my talk. It is free ... but not many interested to spend their time to listen to me blah-blah bout my stories.

Someone told me ... it is inspiration ... and thanking me to share with him. Also, another said I have managed to open up his mind .... yes, I want to make it mind-provoking!! Haha.

Anyway ... I will continue to have more-n-more sessions of book-sharing (rather than blogging here)!!

Planning on Wednesday night another book-sharing ... this time I will have 2-in-1 : Adam Khoo plus Azizi Ali. Both are financial guru ... and I learnt a lot by reading their books.

READ some good financial books if one is to learn how to be financially free.

READing is not good enough.

Take time to APPLY ... as only applied knowledge is power. Knowledge without action is just information overload, to me.

FGV : As I have sold at 1.99 ... last Friday, I bought back(thru FGV-c7) when FGV breaking 1.83 level ... so, many in my trading group followed. At the moment, FGV at 1.87 level ... and FGV-c7 at 15cents. I m selling as I grabbed at 13-13.5cents.

It is 10.20am ... waiting for opening of FCPO. It is very difficult to trade futures ... especially FKLI as it is manipulated ... FCPO more liquid ... and easier to be used for day-trading.

11.01 am ... take profit my long FCPO closing last Friday at opening 2309 today for 16points. Very difficult to trade now as it is gapping up-down and very tight range.

Time to go home ... to play with my kids.


Sunday, November 22, 2015

Book-Sharing : Educate yourself on money matters

Join my book-sharing tonight ... click the link below

Time : 8.45pm to 10.30pm

Book title : Azizi Ali's "Money is everything"

I will read few pages of the chapter ... and share with all (my blog readers) how I have applied what is written by the 'sifu' ... so, it is a story-telling time.

See you at 9pm.


Klopp the Normal One

Morning ... brilliant play by Liverpool. Is it Klopp's magic going on?

It begins on 17h Oct when ... Klopp's first game as Liverpool's manager ... playing against Spurs, away. They drew 0 - 0.

Here are the previous scores

#1 : Spurs (A) : 0 - 0

#2 : FK Rubin (H) : 1 - 1

#3 : Southampton (H) : 1 - 1

#4 : Bournemouth (H) : 1 - 0

#5 : Chelsea (A) : 1 - 3

#6 : FK Rubin (A) : 0 - 1

#7 : Crystal Palace (H) : 1 - 2 

This is Klopp's first loss as a manager.

Then ... they played Man City away ... and won! Great ... but, we shall check on consistency.

I do like the two brilliant Brazilians in current Liverpool's team ... last year, it is such a pleasure to watch the team playing ... with Suarez, Sterling and Sturridge tormenting other team's defence.

Yeah ... Mario was such a flop. I m not sure about Benteke ... as he is kinda lost at the moment.

Liverpool still have a very young player in Ibe ... like this young man and just hope he will grow with Liverpool ... instead of running away for greater money(that Sterling in mind). Ibe could replace Sterling ...

With Sturridge coming out from injuries ... he will play well with the two Brazialians. Benteke may give them the height they needed ...'

Nevertheless ... I am very glad they made the change of the manager as BR doesnt seem to get anywhere without the 3-S ...

The defense is still a worry. I think Klopp will be able to strengthen this area ... hopefully.

Have a nice Sunday .... and join me in my book-sharing tonight.


Saturday, November 21, 2015

22nd Nov : Book-Sharing

Morning ... supposed to attend a talk but i have classes, instead.

It is Saturday ... holiday time. My wife & kids will be flying off to KK for 2-3 weeks ... while i will join next weekend.

Cohort-18 : Next Saturday, I will be conducting a trading-workshop (cohort-18) to few of my new-found friends. Those who wish to join, do contact me (012 821 0129) and I will add you in the watsapp group.

go to where I posted about selling Hevea (sold at RM1.52) and changed to Eatech (bought at RM1.17) on Thur ... a good decision, indeed.

Hevea : That is bearish-engulfing candlestick ...might want to consider if back to 1.38 level again ... i sold as good-reports out, gapped-up ... with huge volumes. Herd-retailers will chase ... it is just their nature. So ... sell to them!!

Someone watsapp me to ask if he could buy Hevea-wb when it gapped up usual, i do not answer as it is 'trade at your own risk'. I always prefer not to chase. There are many mmore to trade ... why rushing?

Eatech : Grabbed at average 1.17 when i saw hammer is forming. Added yesterday at 1.24 ... again, u may join me in my trading-group to know how i traded "hammer" here.

I do have losing trades, of coz ... such as cut-loss small in Armada (then it shot up) and Parkson.

Lets talk about my book-sharing (tmr night). Click on the link tmr night around 8.50pm.

I will like to share a very good book by one of my fav author, Azizi Ali. I read his books since the "Millionaire in me".  Join my book-sharing group if you wish.

Chapter 6 : Educate yourself in money matters

What a good topic ... as I have been educating myself about money matters for past 10yrs, a total change in my financial mindset as i knew that is the MOST important step.

Buy this book ... it is VERY good. Do not pretend. Take action and face facts.

Learn to invest in stock-markets, learn to invest in properties ... learn to save and save. Learn
about biz and networking. Learn about how we could earn more money ... and create streams of income. Learn ... mix with those motivated (not money-minded, scams or those suckers) people to excel ... in lives.

That is how i grow ... ad teaching myself about MONEY.

Oh yeah ... the book-sharing is free ... FREE? Where got such thing, you MIND playing up there as you are narrowed minded ... and think everyone want to con your money!! See?

Cheap is not good ... see your mind playing MONEY with you?

Till I share tmr night ... have a nice weekend.


Thursday, November 19, 2015

Being an author ...

Morning ... DOW rebounded sharply. Forget about market for a while ... as I m relaxing outside an air-cond Uncle Lim's kopi-tiam ... having my breakfast.

Today ... in mood sikit to write.

I knew this author in person ... a very nice lady (she used to give me free executive-management dairy) ... and wanting to interview her!! Haha ... I want to ask how she becoming an author and learn from her ... so, I will write about my journey becoming an author ... one day.

See ... I m a blogger, not an author. I blog REAL time ... real thoughts from my mind. I m writing from my heart ... a passion to blog. So ... to write a book is a STRESSFUL kinda job. I dislike the conformity, the rules-regulations ... I prefer suka-suka without restrictions ... I like rojak way of writing ... and dislike those liking to read boring strict so-called good Ingeris.

Yes ... I like to ask the author out for a drink and speak to them ... how they became an author. I do take extra steps to get to know them ...but most authors are writing about FINANCIAL as those occupying my book-racks.

8.47 am : FKLI shorted 1660 done as I m writing here. Later only we check ... take profit/cut-loss.

I did have a chance to co-author a book with my ex-colleague(Taylor's lecturer) as he went into writing books (to carry his name ... to give financial-workshops and such). Oopss ... probably he is writing this lines too. Heck. Congrats to him as he is young and I do like to encourage him to achieve his financial goals. I bought 10copies of his books and distribute to those want to read.

I admire this young colleague of mind ... he has his financial-mindset right ... and there are VERY few of them ... in teaching line have these financial-freedom goal. Congrats again, George ... if u r reading my writing today. Haha.

9.10 am : FKLI covered 1655 done ... for my 5-points profit for today. Thanks to DOW up 200plus points la.

FKLI : Trading FKLI is my main weakness and lost me a lot of money so far. But, one day ... I will be back to trade FKLI. At the moment, my focus is FCPO (10.30am) ...

Where am I?

Writing a book ... yes ... I might want to join Azizi-Ali in writing a book workshop as he has trained many new authors ... in fact, these are so-so many new books published in monthly basis ... and the qualities of books ... zzz ... u know, when we increase the quantity ... the quality zzzz. hehe.

I met Andrew-Chia ... a bubbly happy-go-lucky person. I like his books(I have full set, I think) ... including his public-speaking book!! He is a well-known author about Money-Secret, Stock-Investment and such. I got him to autograph all the books personally ... when I met with him.

Also ... Peter Yee ... an author of property and with his latest book on WMT. So, I joined his group and glad I m learning about MIND from the known-guru. I like his Money-Skill book the best of all his books.

Alan Tan ... a blogger and an author about "Earning money thru blogging" and "Stock Market --- he interviewed me and have me there!! What an honour!!". He attended to my trading workshop and then got to know me, a real stock-trader!!

Oh yes ... recently I joined MPH Writer-Circles and met Lydia-Teh(not my sister la) ... she was encouraging young-new bugging writers who may want to write a book!! After the talk, I want to give-up writing a book ... er ... they earn 10% of the sales and also most books will NOT BE BEST SELLERS. So ... many new-upcoming authors saying that ... it is NOT for the money?

Huh? Then ... write a blog, like me ... no need control, no need to publish hardcopy(save the tree, please)

MYEG : Breakout of RM3.45 as I m writing here ... 10am now. Missed to grab ... arghhh ...

Ok ... time to prepare for my FCPO opening.

Will I be an author .... one day? Yes, if they could allow me to write whatever heck in my head, whatever way I like. But .... am I supposed to write what the READERS like? zzz ... I wont la ... I don't care about majority as most of them wont like to read my writings. I talk about REAL struggle ... real human, doing real work .... to move out of EMPLOYMENT (left my full-time teaching last year after 20 yrs teaching in college!!) ... I am talking about hard-failing-painful work on learning to trade ... and REAL traders with emotion control(not trading with robots ... whatever software etc) ... I m talking about REAL life ... getting out of debt .... and increase my financial knowledge in SLOW manner ... planning on expansion of my investment in biz ...

.... failing ...

.... falling ...

being condemned to fail .... criticise by many ...

I prefer to blog here ... talking about REAL LIFE.

Wake up to the reality ... something I enjoy the most. I will not like those get-rich-scheme telling you that we don't need to work hard but work smart ... then showing you their big-car or house to impress you (GREED in play). I prefer to tell all that I m riding second-hand kap-chai and my 5-yr old Proton. If you have followed my blog, you will even know that I was driving a Kancil in KK ... moving to KL here to work hard ... and able to buy a Proton 5 yrs ago with my RM4k salary !!

I like REAL stories la ... so, can I write about HOW I GET OUT OF MY IDIOTIC FINANCIAL BRAIN?

That is a good book title ... can I use vulgar-words are ... WTF with these world la? Stupid or what?

By the way, a book with title WTF (property book) selling like hot-cake!!

So ... How about the title " WTF with our stupid-idiotic financial brain?" Good title ... as that was the harsh words I told myself ... some 10years ago, when I was at my lowest point in my financial-life.

Can or not? Faster la ... tell me ... can scold bad-harsh words to the stupid majority or not? Those empty-tins ... talk-talk like they are best in trading stocks/financial markets ... those talk and do nothing, having pitiful lives? Those idiotic salesman telling me his system could profit 10% per MONTH ... yet he still working at night, selling his software?

Can tell truth in my book meh? Got people buy to read? Come on la ... majority public are followers, HERD MENTALITY and living in illusion .... zzz ....

So ... from the above, conclusion ... I could never be an author. No one will want to publish my writing/book. I cant tell truth ... I cant expose many bull-shit about trading, financial, real lives ... so, I cant write naturally. That will give me ... emmm .. difficulties in the flow-of-words. Haha.

10.20am liao ... time to focus ... back to market.

Have a nice day ... stay real la, it is easier and happier that way. Just do our best ... and help others too.

This Sunday night I will share a book ... yes, the book I like to share "Money changes everything" by Azizi Ali.

Hevea : Selling my Hevea today ... saying TQ.


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Trader's Mindset

Noon ... I shared with my e-learning group (2H2015 - cohort3) about mindset. Next week will be the last series of the class.

This month, I m sharing about MINDSET as it is the most important of the 3Ms - Methods, Management and Mindset.

Here ... I am sharing what I shared with my e-learning group last night.

#1 : Trading is not easy : Do not listen to media, broker-houses, forums ... who are promoting 'trading'. Invest in good companies ... and ride on the uptrend. Whoever said trading is easy ... either they are selling us 'something' such as software packages or their trading courses ... or they want us to trade frequently to earn commission.

#2 : cant recall ... will write later

#3 : Stay focus : Do not use too many indicators or looking into too many reports. Checking on media will drown us with information too. So ... focus in few stocks to trade well (such as Myeg, AirAsia and such). Do it consistently and focus in our own trading system, trading plan and work on it.

#4 : Take is as a biz : Seriously ... stocks are biz-entities. We are not buying empty papers ... we are buying into the biz ... also, be serious in our trades. LEARN ... plan and execute. It will take us 3-5 years to understand trading .... just as when we venture into biz ... it takes TIME to learn and face challenges.

#5 : Growth Mindset : Always remember that there are many things we do not know as we are new in trading stocks. Learn ... learn and learn.

Myeg : A short one-day trade ... grabbed RM3.24 and RM3.30 during closing ... sold yesterday at RM3.36 and RM3.42 ... as 3.45 is the resistance. Many of my trading-members sold above RM3.40. Good short trade. To me, RM3.45 resistance is a sell ... wait for breakout only buy.

Sold Esceram and AirAsia yesterday for small profits.

But the good one is Hevea today ... as I was asking members to buy/collect around 1.35 level before the report out. Good report ... I sold partial at 1.41 ... now at 1.48, I will hold or add.

I am promoting my e-learning group (Jan 2016) as my current e-learning batch  is 'graduating' ... soon.

I have created a facebook e-learning group just now as I have few enquiries. Please add me in.

Lunch time.


Monday, November 16, 2015

Tonight e-meeting

Many e-mail me but I have not replied (very busy) ... frequently asked questions such as how the weekly e-meeting being conducted ... and so on.

Tonight, if it is not full ... I will open it to those interested to join my trading group ... it is to view what I stalk/watch ... and what I buy-sell.

Example : This morning posted the MyEg chart for all to stalk ... to trade again. We have been trading MyEg numerous of times.

This is the chart shown this morning ... it hit RM3.11 ... I wanted it at RM3.05 but it rebounded sharply. Some funds are buying ... so fast.

Then ... rebound and I grabbed at RM3.24 (was busy with FCPO which diving today nicely).

It closed at RM3.30 ... what a long tail ... will discuss tonight.

To join ... go to

See you around 9.30pm (will send the link to my members first la)


Saturday, November 14, 2015

Book Sharing : Winning the game of life

Join me at :

The Book : Winning the game of life by Adam Khoo

Topic : Mastering Your Inner World

Please join my meeting, Sunday, 15 November, 2015 at 9:00 PM Malay Peninsula Standard Time.

Meeting ID: 964-056-709

Not at your computer? Click the link to join this meeting from your iPhone®, iPad®, Android® or Windows Phone® device via the GoToMeeting app.

Listen to the clip ... RDPD be learn some rules.

Have a nice weekend and see all tmr night.


Thursday, November 12, 2015

Book Sharing : Financial Freedom

Morning ... this topic was discussed last night(briefly and I made it VERY long! haha) in my BS-group (BS = book-sharing ... in case you think of something else) thru watsapp ... no, that is not my group ... I was added there as I joined on of the book-sharing session.

Book-sharing group : I have created a book-sharing facebook group(free, of coz) for those who wish to join in my book-sharing (books that I read such as self-help, motivational, biz-related, investment ... life, in general) sessions. Currently, I m doing it online ... will start to record it and upload to youtube next year .... so, I have 1.5months left to try-it-out. Haha ... the crowd is still small but I will continue to do what I like to do ... sharing the books I read.

Anyway, it is about financial freedom ... a word that is too HUGE for most of us. It was near impossible for a lowly paid lecturer(RM3k plus) some 10 years ago ... when I got married and got myself into huge debt. Looking back ... I would never want to be poor n in debt anymore. Hey, who want to be poor? Yes ... it is poor MINDSET ... financial mindset and attitudes towards money.

So ... when they said "who doesn't want financial freedom?" in the chatbox ... that triggered me to answer ... MOST of us around (that is some 80% of population) DO NOT want financial-freedom. FACE THAT FACT ... most of people I got to know some 10years ago when I was struggling financial ... most(if not all) of them are not free --- financially --- as they are lecturers in colleges!!

Yes ... the people around us ... making us ONE OF THEM .... and when I was reading RDPD book at that time ... I started to THINK of WHY am I in huge debt, why am I financially poor after working for 20 years ... why am I stress with all the debt and how am I going to feed my young family?? It is scary ... financially.

So ... my financial brain-cell started to work some 10 years ago ... I was 38 yrs old, financially-poor lecturer, earning less than RM5k with huge financial-debt, obligations and zero saving! Incredibly a financial-idiot ... and to think of financial freedom? What the ... it is almost impossible, right?

They said ... dream-big!! Yeah right ... dream is just the first step ... set goals and achieving it is another. Without dream ... we all could not rely on HOPE. But ... that wont lead us to financial freedom, right?

What I did? Too lengthy to speak about ... that is why I have book-sharing sessions ... that day I shared about WORK and only about 20 turn-up for my interesting session. This Sunday I am going to have another book sharing session!! Haha.

Go to here :

So ... this Sunday night I will plan a book-sharing to talk about FINANCIAL FREEDOM. I don't know what book I m going to share yet ... will check my library(I have been collecting books!! haha).

Besides reading books to increase my knowledge, awareness about money and changing my financial-mindset ... I slowly leaving most of my colleagues, my friends ... those always complaining about money-not-enough circle. I have to protect my MINDSET that I m developing ... and change my bad money-habits. I am a total changed person (financial mindset) than I was merely 6 yrs ago ... when I came back to KL for interview.

Looking back ... I will not want to be where I was, financially. SERIOUS!!

So ... it is BOOKS to change my mindset ... then, people surround me. I avoid those toxic-human ... who will suck your energy, complaining about their lives ... I left my bowling-game and those friends there (most of them are financially not well). I started to learn trading-investing ... I learn about biz-entrepreneurship and such ... I got around people with similar mindset, viewing lives POSITIVELY to move forward ... and help each other to grow.

Yes ... grow in our financial-mindset will set us nearly to our financial goal ... that is to be financially FREE.

Who doesn't want to be financially free? They asked. I will answer again ... MOST OF PEOPLE around DO NOT want to be financially free!! They want to have security JOB ... carrying out their tasks and work hard. They do not want RISK ... they do not want to work hard of SKILLS that could give them he financial freedom. They do not want it strong enough ... that it is NEAR impossible for them to achieve financial freedom.

Today ... I got mood sikit to blog after the BS-group talked about FINANCIAL FREEDOM ... a topic I do like to talk about ... debate about, learn about ... and more importantly, taking ACTIONS to reach that goal of mine ...

I want to be financially free ... so that I could do things I want to do, anytime and anywhere!! Get it?

Who doesn't want that?

MOST OF those around us!! Can face the reality(check sikit) ... most of us LIE to ourselves?

In 2016 ... as I m trying to motivate myself to reach nearer to my goals(financially) ... I have plenty of things in mind ...

It takes a lot of WORK ... and we need to be PASSIONATE ... to make it work.

Join my talk ... and I will share with what I have done right ... and most important part to share, where I have failed, done wrongly ... and move on.

See u this Sunday night ... online.


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Stock Watch : FGV

FGV : As I openly written that I bought at 1.83(most recent trade on FGV) and sold all at 1.99 ... it went to hit 2.04, resistance. Go to if I have written there. I cant remember ... but i shown all my trades openly "LIVE" with members, so ... hard to lie/cheat.

As FGV retraced to 1.86 today, i m watching for my next trade on her ... been trading FGV since 1.20 plus level.

yes .... today KLCI dropped 20points ... and I have given enough 'warning' last week ... and on Monday (9th Nov)  ... it is a SHORT for FKLI. Nice to know one of my futures-group shorted FKLI and profited well today.

I wanted to blog too ... besides talking about trading or stocks for the whole day. I m focusing in trading FCPO and SOY at the moment.

I will like to write about my WMT group ... my venture into MW ... and the development in my FCPO/SOY trading.

Do join my trading group ... for trial Nov/Dec and you will see what stocks I am trading. Besides, I do give e-meeting every Monday night for update, weekly.

contact me at 012-821 0129 (sms/wataspp) and ad me in facebook.

Happy trading as many stocks dropping nicely for us to pick


Sunday, November 08, 2015

Book Sharing Tonight

Click the below link to join my book-sharing group.

Tonight I will have a book-sharing session ... "8 to be Great" by Richard At John.

The topic I have selected for tonight's sharing is WORK.

Time : 9pm to 10.30pm

1. Please join my meeting, Sunday, 8 November, 2015 at 8:45 PM Malay Peninsula Standard Time.

2. You will be connected to audio using your computer's microphone and speakers (VoIP). A headset is recommended.

Meeting ID: 116-332-445

Not at your computer? Click the link to join this meeting from your iPhone®, iPad®, Android® or Windows Phone® device via the GoToMeeting app.

Install : GoToMeeting apps if one is using the mobile-devices.

I will speak about HOW I have worked very hard on my goals to be the best Math-students, Math lecturer ... how I worked hard to learn trading ... and how I am working hard to establish myself as a good trader and a biz-person.

I am going to "JUST DO IT" and show why the chapter 2 :WORK ... is important to be a success in anything we are doing.

8 traits : 1st is PASSION which I have shared 2 months ago ...

Tonight is trait #2 : WORK.

See all if you want to hear my 'stories' about my works.


Friday, November 06, 2015

FGV : At resistance ... sold all

FGV : Sold all my FGV today at RM1.99 ... finally. We traded from RM1.50 level ... and some of them still held to it ... and managed to sell RM2 today. There are so many of my trading-members bought into it. Phew ... glad it worked well this time.

To join my trading group : Trial Nov&Dec ... contact me or 012-821 0129.

Today i was talking to a guy who left his full-time job ... to do internet-marketing!! Wow ... will want to write about our 4 hours chit-chat ... and how he could 'retired' from his full-time job ... so, i m at same page as him ...

Also ... i wanted to write about my trading in SOY and FCPO. I am focusing into it daily now ... will openly show the results to all my trading members in futures-group.

Cohort-18 : I am planning for a trading workshop this month (tentatively 21/22 NOV) ... and have few inquiries  now ... after few months break. Yes ... those who wish to learn to trade as 'cheap' price ... an ah-pek way.

I was very busy with tuition classes as students are still for their final exams.

Then ... next month will rest ... off to KK in Dec ... back for Christmas in Penang.

Tired ... and glad I shorted FCPO just now ... as SOY is diving from 28.64 to 27.91 as i m writing here.

Night ...


Monday, November 02, 2015

Internet Marketing ... ?

Morning ... as KLSE is boringly moving lower with nothing much to buy yet(except I started to buy Digi la ... I will follow you).

Or if you prefer the song ... here the best version.

Ok ... enough of Digi .. what am I supposed to blog about? It is almost lunch hour ... kinda hungry.

Yes yes .. IM = Internet Marketing.

Recently, someone created an IM (learning and sharing) group ...thru watsapp ... and it is called watsapp-marketing? Heck ... whatever terms they are using. Haha.

Anyway ... I have been dormant in the group, never read those messages(hundreds in a day!! haha) till last night .. Sunday night .. out whole day, kids tired and slept early.

So ... I was curious what the box chatting about ... with few hundreds messages in a day??

Then .. got to know 2 very experienced in IM ... and they attended some IM courses too, and conducting IM-course for beginners too!! Great to know these IM people ... as I need to promote myself, change my mindset. I m into biz-leh ... must do packaging(look at the moon-cake packaging! haha)

So .. they said : Blogging is part of IM??

What?? How come I have been blogging for past 18 years ... about my bowling, my ex-gfs ... my songs, my college life ... and more ... I got nothing? I never bother to check on what I could do further with blogging .... except I blog due to needs to express ... and throw my emotion to the huge cyber-space. haha

How na├»ve I was ... and never bother to gain some $$$ from the ad ... putting google-adsense. I do not even know how to log-in, forgotten the password etc etc. Maybe  ... I need to re-activate my google-adsense. I used to earn some RM100 per month leh. Now .... zero!!

So ... knowing those IM-expert will be good too. Need to treat them coffee ... and hope they could guide me to improve in my IM ... but not the way I write blog, please.

One of them suggested that I planned my posts!! Arghh ... near impossible as I m a BLOGGER leh

Don't know how to explain ... those who write blogs with motives or planned are WORKING ... and wont last leh ... they lack of PASSION. They are motivated with personal-agenda ... not like crazy me, blog for passion ... daily for hours ... for years!! Haha ...

I didn't blog here in daily ... I know, no longer after I lost the momentum some 2-3 yrs back. After I created ... and was hoping to use that site ... but .... but .. I really really comfortable and prefer here ... heart is where home is, they said.

So ... to learn IM without wanting to listen to 'sifus' ... how to be successful la? I don't know ... I hope to engage them to help me, but I m the stubborn one!! I am a teacher ... hard to do marketing. Haha.

Well ... as I m using Facebook a lot too ... social-media is a tool for IM? What?? Why these people all think of is money ar? Cannot play FB for fun meh? Or blog for sharing ... for pleasure reading?

Ok ok ... I bought a few IM books .. haha ... might start to read one-two pages. Those are very boring books ... unlike my self-help or trading books. Perhaps my passion is not in marketing at all ... so, I do wonder how those marketers enjoy their jobs!!

Ok ... time for lunch .... marketing or not. Join my trading group. Using blog, is it called IM? haha