Sunday, October 25, 2015

Income = Value x Time

Morning ... It is Sunday, still a hazy day. Schools in Sgor have been closed for whole week and only re-opened last Friday. Still ... it is hazy, with API reaching above 150.

Ok ... just wrote about MahSing as I visited the kiosk yesterday. Click the above link.

DOW has been bullish ... up another 157 points. So ... with budget being tabled, will we be seeing more of post-budget rally for next this coming week?

China cut the rates AGAIN ... stimulus possible by ECB ... pushing the markets higher and rebounded sharply. KLCI hit 1500 level and rebounded 200 plus points at the moment. Staying about 1700 ... good. Will we be seeing 1740, the resistance next? We shall watch ...

Ok ... I will want to write about an equation : INCOME = VALUE x TIME

Analyse our TIME ... how do we spend our time everyday? Take out a piece of paper ... list those activities we frequently spending time on.

Example : Traffic jam ... or waiting for something, the "idle-time". Is it avoidable ... or reducible? Efficiency and effectiveness.

After reading the topic(book by Adam Khoo) ... I feel like sharing it with others.

So ... I m inviting all to my e-meeting tonight 9pm to 10.30pm (haha ... got excited while reading and writing about it) ... share will all those interested la.

Book-sharing thru e-meeting(online)

Here is the link : Please join my meeting, Sunday, 25 October, 2015 at 8:45 PM .

Ok ... created the link. First time I am scheduling the link in advance (normally it is on the spot, LIVE ... haha). Trying out la ...

I m just excited to share ... what I am reading.

Time to have a nice Sunday ahead.


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