Thursday, October 01, 2015

High Volatilities

Morning to hazy day again ... I wanted to blog ... but too hazy ...

Trades have been very short term in nature, due to high volatilities.

Ok ... Harta is one of my short-term trades for breakout days ago. Bought when breakout RM4.50, successfully with huge volume. Sold at RM4.90 and RM5.10 when it formed bad candlestick. Now ... it is waiting for retracement (at the moment is RM4.83). I have written here ... so, it is only ''right'' to update that I have sold. In case ... someone quietly bought into her after reading forums/blogs. There are many newbies/novices ... will follow ...

Note : Do remember that it is EXTREMELY high risk to buy due to tips from forums/blogs. It is also risky by reading newspaper or any form of media to buy/sell.

It is also very volatile in SOY and FCPO. And KLCI too ... the whole markets are volatile ... no one seems to know the direction.

It is hazy ... so, no one can see clearly. Hehe

Time to go.


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