Friday, October 23, 2015

Budget Day

Noon ... it is 11am ... thought I m a blogger and suppose to blog? haha ...

Ok ok ... DOW up 320points. BULLISH.

So, KLCI up up ... resistance at 1720 now ... while waiting for the budget-day to be over. What is in store for us, rakyat? hmm ... Berkins bags?

I m doing nothing ... bought back Harta and Esceram as they breakout of the resistance. So ... wait for selling. Meanwhile ... I have this magz on my table for a week now .... finally could slow down to read a little.

These are the magz I have been feeding my mind ... since 2008. Yes ... I was very broke back then ... a RM5.50(The Edge in Sabah) is very costly for me ... but I spent the money ... investing in my MIND.

Market so bull this morning ... due to DOW up 300points. What should we do? Short FKLI opening! That was the best opportunity, in my opinion. Then ... it corrects ... and take profit. Off u go ... easier said than done, right?

But ... we increase our knowledge. EXPAND our horizon ... see things larger ... and initially, it will be very hard and we will lose a lot, battered and bruised. Can you survive such?

Then ... we go thru the cycles ... for experiences. Yes, experiences ... of market UP and DOWN due to the fear-greed in human.

How about HKSE? or going to US-market? We all should venture into new territories ... trade different instruments.

Time to go to fetch my girl ... lunch and rest.

Have a nice weekend (see if I could blog tmr).


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