Thursday, October 29, 2015

e-meeting to discuss KLCI

click on the link above for tonight's talk : 9.30pm as usual.

Well ... do remember when I told all in last week meeting market is going to correct? Hmm ... and I keep cash?

Will analyse on the 30-index linked counters tonight.

See you all ... online (especially those hiding in i3, criticising everyone!)


Sunday, October 25, 2015

Income = Value x Time

Morning ... It is Sunday, still a hazy day. Schools in Sgor have been closed for whole week and only re-opened last Friday. Still ... it is hazy, with API reaching above 150.

Ok ... just wrote about MahSing as I visited the kiosk yesterday. Click the above link.

DOW has been bullish ... up another 157 points. So ... with budget being tabled, will we be seeing more of post-budget rally for next this coming week?

China cut the rates AGAIN ... stimulus possible by ECB ... pushing the markets higher and rebounded sharply. KLCI hit 1500 level and rebounded 200 plus points at the moment. Staying about 1700 ... good. Will we be seeing 1740, the resistance next? We shall watch ...

Ok ... I will want to write about an equation : INCOME = VALUE x TIME

Analyse our TIME ... how do we spend our time everyday? Take out a piece of paper ... list those activities we frequently spending time on.

Example : Traffic jam ... or waiting for something, the "idle-time". Is it avoidable ... or reducible? Efficiency and effectiveness.

After reading the topic(book by Adam Khoo) ... I feel like sharing it with others.

So ... I m inviting all to my e-meeting tonight 9pm to 10.30pm (haha ... got excited while reading and writing about it) ... share will all those interested la.

Book-sharing thru e-meeting(online)

Here is the link : Please join my meeting, Sunday, 25 October, 2015 at 8:45 PM .

Ok ... created the link. First time I am scheduling the link in advance (normally it is on the spot, LIVE ... haha). Trying out la ...

I m just excited to share ... what I am reading.

Time to have a nice Sunday ahead.


Friday, October 23, 2015

Budget Day

Noon ... it is 11am ... thought I m a blogger and suppose to blog? haha ...

Ok ok ... DOW up 320points. BULLISH.

So, KLCI up up ... resistance at 1720 now ... while waiting for the budget-day to be over. What is in store for us, rakyat? hmm ... Berkins bags?

I m doing nothing ... bought back Harta and Esceram as they breakout of the resistance. So ... wait for selling. Meanwhile ... I have this magz on my table for a week now .... finally could slow down to read a little.

These are the magz I have been feeding my mind ... since 2008. Yes ... I was very broke back then ... a RM5.50(The Edge in Sabah) is very costly for me ... but I spent the money ... investing in my MIND.

Market so bull this morning ... due to DOW up 300points. What should we do? Short FKLI opening! That was the best opportunity, in my opinion. Then ... it corrects ... and take profit. Off u go ... easier said than done, right?

But ... we increase our knowledge. EXPAND our horizon ... see things larger ... and initially, it will be very hard and we will lose a lot, battered and bruised. Can you survive such?

Then ... we go thru the cycles ... for experiences. Yes, experiences ... of market UP and DOWN due to the fear-greed in human.

How about HKSE? or going to US-market? We all should venture into new territories ... trade different instruments.

Time to go to fetch my girl ... lunch and rest.

Have a nice weekend (see if I could blog tmr).


Monday, October 19, 2015

Back to blogging?

Morning ... Monday ... school closed due to haze again. So, my two kids at home ... and I want to stay home today, to be with me. I had hectic weekend.

Last week ... during e-meeting, I m stating that KLCI is going into overbought position ... so, I cleared most of my holdings ... but today, most going up higher!! I am not chasing as I dislike crazy-buying situation and those hot-stocks during hot-market. Yes ... I m practising contrarian-mindset in my trading ... going against the trend!!

This is KLCI daily chart. Discuss.

Ok ... as my blogging mood is slightly back, I better get back the momentum. Hehe.

Friday night : Joined a book-sharing by a young man. Great sharing about John Maxwell's book titled "Your Road Map to Success". This is my third session with this group ... 1st was months ago when a lady shared about "retired by 40" ... then, I gave the second book-sharing session from the book "8 to be great". The forth ... will be end of this month, given by a fb friend of mine!! He came for my book-sharing session last month and agreed to share with us a book!! What a sport. By the way, he is a Malay ... the only Malay joining us so far ... err ... he is my friend, so ... I m colour-blind leh.

Saturday : Tuition classes as usual ... 8.30am to 12pm. Then ... home. My boy's chess class 5pm. Dinner ... and watch Kloop's first game ... 0 - 0. zzzz.

Sunday Morning : Charity Day

7.30am ... travelled with few of my tratle-members who are helping me. Went for dim-sum at Bt3 Jalan Ipoh ... then to Tesco Selayang. Well ... I joined 1M1C (1 month 1 charity) group for the first time ... as I m lazy (busy is an excuse?) to organise!! Haha ...

9.30am : Joined the other volunteers to buy 90pax of rice ... it is done easily due to many helping hands. Great teamwork by the experienced organiser, Chow

In few days, after putting up my intention to donate 90pax of 10kg rice, some members generously donated to my cause ... and managed to collect RM1,300!! Malaysians are generous .... and I appreciate the kind gesture. It made my day ...

Malaysian spirit : Candidly, someone took this picture of me ... and I like to share it here as I see Malay, Chinese and Indian ... yes, MALAYSIANS la, kita. Great feeling.

The recipients :  PPR Bt Muda ... we were distributing items to them in packages form : Rice, Eggs, Cooking Oil, Flour etc etc.

The volunteers : We have we-fie after the session. Hehe. The Malay-guy is a Sabahan. :)

Sunday Noon : MAGIC

Came back around 1.30pm ... lunch ... and off I go to cyberjaya! They are having an event there yesterday from 8am to 6pm. My second time to MaGIC ... and discovered a few new idea, shared by many startup ... such as MobileWaiter, A+ Home Tuition, CatchThatBus, LaundryDone, StayNest and such. There is another ... regarding crowd-funding which I m interested but they are charging 10% of the funds.

Idea : Imagine I needed RM250k to set-up an orphanage(my personal dream when I retire la) ... I could use their crowd-funding service to reach out to those pubic who supported my good-cause and donate to the fund. The system could track all the donors(in case to refund to them if not materialised) ... and could be transparent enough for me not to worry of getting money into my personal account(do not donate to my personal account without my knowledge!!). Will look into more of these crowd-funding idea ... I want to spend my retiring years helping those kids ... feed them, educate them.

So ... my new groups I joined recently are book-sharing group, MaGIC events(invested into MobileWaiter ... do support. Thinking to invest in another startup) ... joined ToastMaster last year but failed badly so far (only done cc1 la) ... but will come back to TM. Joined Peter Yee's WMT group to learn how to use whole-mind rather than just my logical brain.

Will want to blog about someone who asked me " What is your secret to success?" ... when I was ... "huh? Me? Success ...?? Not yet leh. I still riding my old kap-cai". Haha

Time for lunch ... out of market at the moment. No need to monitor ... tonight e-meeting to analyse KLCI again. Haha.


Thursday, October 15, 2015

e-meeting tonight

Ok ... tonight another e-meeting ... continuation and update of what I have discussed last night. For those missed last night e-meeting ... the details given in the link(my yesterday's post la) ... or go to

See you all tonight .. in cyber-space ... 9.30pm to 10.30pm.


Be fearful when ...

Morning ... almost 10am now, and I m relaxing at J.Co ... for my coffee and donuts. While watching KLSE surging higher after ... last night, e-meeting I said ... market is to correct soon. So ... I m selling all my stocks today ... left few only anyway.

So ... when do we buy stocks? When fear in markets ... when market is quiet and with many no-eye-see their portfolios. Now ... when market is so hot ... when do we sell? When greed is back, right?

Practising such "Be greedy when everyone is fearful ... and fearful when everyone is greedy" is easier said than done. Most newbies will not understand ... and some novices do understand but did not practice it strictly enough.

It is EMOTIONAL swing ... roller-coaster. One moment they are equating our KLSE to 1998 crash due to weakening of MYR (1USD = MYR4.44 that time) ... now, 1USD = MYR4.11 ... should we be buying USD now?

The strengthening of MYR ... was said to be due to the surge of crude-oil price to USD50 ... but it retracing now to USD46 level. CPO rebounded sharply from 2000 level to 2300plus now. And they said weakening of MYR will help those exporters ... so, the strong uptrend of those furniture-stocks(overly played ... ridiculous) ... or those glove-related counters. How about plantation-counters?

Hmm ... for those non-members that joined me last night e-meeting, thanks for coming. I have shown ALL the 30-index-linked counters ... technically, many are one the verge of correcting. So ... trade at own risk. I m in cash position as today I sold off my BJAuto, AirAsia and Opensys. Sold have of FGV too ... and keep half.

AirAsia : bought it breakout 1.40 level ... but seeing market so hot, and short-term weaknesses ... I sold this morning at RM1.46 ... enough for my coffee-donuts today. I will trade AirAsia again ... of coz ... one of the most tradable stocks, as I told everyone. She is hot ... she is cold. Haha.

BJAuto : Missed the bottom ... but a member(he joined my trading workshop to understand trading, a hard-working young trader ... and joined my e-learning to follow-through learning) alerted me when it broke RM1.96 level. I took at RM1.99-RM2.00 ... this morning managed to SELL at RM2.10(hit RM2.12 so far) and as RM2.14 is a resistance, I m initiating sell to my trading-group. Well, some bought lower than me ... and selling higher than me(again). Note that volume is decreasing ... not a good sign, ya.

Hey ... I missed blogging!! Haha ... now, I m enjoying myself as I sold off my positions and could relax for few days ... while waiting for the crazy buying-frenzy over.

Opensys : A stock we have been trading(for an ace-market ... besides Esceram and few more). I queued sell 41cents this morning ... and it is done! Went to hit 42cents ... with 43cents is the target give to all as resistance to sell. Well ... I bought back at 38.5cents ... AGM to approve the bonus issue 1 : 3 ... so, use the news to trade. Somehow, retailers like the word BONUS ... yes, bonus-issue is a good trading-buy. Look at PoHuat now.

Last one ... FGV ...

FGV ... resistance 1.75 hit last week. One member bought hugely at RM1.50 when I bought then ... but sold at RM1.55 resistance. Then, I bought back at RM1.60 level ... added at RM1.65 on Tuesday ... today, sold half 1.71 done, q to sell all at 1.75. We shall watch if FGV to breakout of RM1.75 to initiate another trade in FGV.

Today's market is a trading-market. If you want to invest ... then, we have to wait for the coming market-crash to buy-n-hold. TTB said KLCI will go to 800 level ... today KLCI at 1720. Take 1720 divide by 2 ... that is 850 points, right? Start buying stock at that level and hold ...

Sell before crash ... buy at the bottom? Yeah ... in theory. In practical ... most buying today like crazy ... forgotten that in AUG ... they said market to crash in SEPT? Hmm ...

Will reply to few of those wish to join my e-learning. Yes ... weekly basis of learning to analyse charts!! That is the best way of learning as market is "LIVE".

Time to go jalan-jalan ... off

e-meeting : Planning another one tonight for my 30 index-linked counters as market STILL surging higher ...


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

e-meeting tonight

Tonight, I will analyse the thirty index-linked counters and inviting anyone interested to join me (a feel of how an e-meeting being conducted)

If you do not have a facebook group, then watsapp me at 012-8210129 and I shall send you the link thru your mobile-phone. If you do not have the smart-phone or watsapp, then e-mail me for the link.

Click here : , for direct link.

Is KLCI to correct soon?

All are welcomed.


Forming e-learning group

Wednesday morning ... the pace slowed down. I really enjoy the slow-quiet pace ... as I m always on 'something' during weekdays.

Let me check on Genting and GenM as I wrote about these two on Monday.

Genting : I alerted the group to buy Genting at RM6.60 level as I saw some accumulation there ... RM7.88 is the current resistance ... it shot up all the way up there ... for profit taking. A good pullback to nearing RM7 ... formed a 'morning star' and shot up all the way to RM7.80 level, hitting 100MA. So ... on Monday, I posted in that Genting is potentially reversing. Yesterday(Tuesday) confirming my points ...

e-learning : Last night, I have a session of e-learning(for those interested to learn about trading thru online, contact me as I m starting a new one in Jan2016 ... current batch is till end-Nov ... 4 months with me, weekly basis. Live trading and explanations)

AirAsia : Resistance at RM1.40 ... now is the support.

We were discussing about RRR and using of indicators. Examples given were my current trades (BJAuto bought at RM2 ... FGV bought at RM1.60-1.62 and  AirAsia bought back at RM1.42 for breakout) Most of them in my trading group, and knew my trades taken ... I used the e-learning session to explain to them WHY AirAsia is a good buy at RM1.42, tho I sold at RM1.39 recently!! The RRR is good with indicators are positive!! We do NOT buy at RM1.39 but we buy above the resistance(turning as support) as that will be better RRR.

GenM : This is nearing to resistance too ... so, we do NOT buy nearing to resistance ... simple logic, right? Candlesticks reading is a MUST to learn if one is to trade. Apply simple trading method and calculate the RRR ... together with indicators, we should be able to trade consistently ... provided we are patient enough to wait. Hey ... we bought below RM4 ... selling at RM4.40 is a 10% gain in less than a month, ok? Patience pays ...

So ... when are we buying stocks again?

When the market is bad ... the stocks battered to the lowest level and indicators showing strength of recovery. If one is newbie and don't know much, do not take too high risk by buying into penny-stocks or those very volatile ones. Perhaps ... start with index-linked counters. I started to focus in them.

Besides Genting and GenM, other index-linked counters we bought were Tenaga, Sime, IOICorp, YTL, Axiata, Digi ... and recently I sold : UMW (we bought before the 10cents dividend, around RM7.90).

Many have benefitted by joining my trading group as we could learn 'live' trading ... not after sold, then only said I bought this-that. Then, they could join my e-learning to learn how to plan for a trade, reasons of taking the trade ... gaining the experiences and knowledge which will be VERY crucial ... going into 2016-2017 ... where we are nearing to the end of bull-market.

contact me at to join my trading group. It is OCT now ... I have sold many ... and will be selling most as market is still charging higher. It is going for a correction .... while I m preparing for another shopping-list.

let me know if anyone you know want to learn(we could only guide those wanting to learn how to trade in proper). Like my facebook page ... and I will try to answer questions from there.

Have a nice off day.


Thursday, October 01, 2015

High Volatilities

Morning to hazy day again ... I wanted to blog ... but too hazy ...

Trades have been very short term in nature, due to high volatilities.

Ok ... Harta is one of my short-term trades for breakout days ago. Bought when breakout RM4.50, successfully with huge volume. Sold at RM4.90 and RM5.10 when it formed bad candlestick. Now ... it is waiting for retracement (at the moment is RM4.83). I have written here ... so, it is only ''right'' to update that I have sold. In case ... someone quietly bought into her after reading forums/blogs. There are many newbies/novices ... will follow ...

Note : Do remember that it is EXTREMELY high risk to buy due to tips from forums/blogs. It is also risky by reading newspaper or any form of media to buy/sell.

It is also very volatile in SOY and FCPO. And KLCI too ... the whole markets are volatile ... no one seems to know the direction.

It is hazy ... so, no one can see clearly. Hehe

Time to go.