Saturday, September 05, 2015

Review : FocusM issue #144

Saturday morning ... as we do not have The Edge, I was reading FocusM, instead. Three articles interest me.

Maybank : VSS for CIMB (11.1% reduced) and expecting for RHB too(15%) but Maybank re-nego terms instead of VSS. Still one of the strongest around. While PBBank efficiency(cost-to-income ratio) reported the best at 30% and Maybank is 49.5% ... CIMB is lack of efficiency here(58.1%). Still like Maybank (vs PBBank) due to its attractive dividend yield, but is it sustainable?

Major shareholders are : ASB(37.4%), EPF (14.3%) and PNB (5.5%).

Chart-wise ... it is THAT volatile ... from RM8.20 level jumped to RM9 level(that was the day KLCI jumped 40points and I asked members to SELL SELL ... I sold all my AmBank!!). Now ... we shall wait for Maybank at RM8.20 again. Last Dec low was around RM8 ... wait.

AmBank : A good trading stock now ... during the latest rebound, I sold all at RM4.80, now it is back to RM4.30? I bought a day before ex-div of 15cents, then ... bought more as hammer formed(closing price was RM4.39 ... whacked) ... sold in stages ... next day, sell ... another day, sell ... KLCI jumped 40points? SELL all. Now, third black candle ... start to buy back .. next RM4.17 low to consider ... will it rebound again with such bearish sentiment?

Harimau bank is a good stock to have. But not Harimau Malaya ... kena 10 - 0 belasah. Arghhh ... that is another embarrassing story.

Second article I read this morning was e-cigarette ...which is in trend. Tho it may not be related much to stock-market(except BAT?) ... I m interested to know about trends.

KLCI's target is lowered ... as expected, AFTER KLCI dived ... then only the analysts will do their 'job'. At the beginning of the year, the target was ranging from 1900 to 2000 plus. Hmm ... no one to be accountable for ... it is only target ma, why believe in the first place?

Third article is about "A matter of TRUST" ... finding the silver lining to our economic woes. Well ... it was written "The economy is in bad shape. The ringgit isdepreciating (1USD = MYR4.30 level now), cost of livig is rising and we are still embroiled in political uncertainty following high-profile financial scandals. What HOPE can be found at the end of the tunnel?

Buy FocusM and read about it ... interestingly written. If I have the time, I will like to elaborate (but I m having a class soon)

I am going to be free from 5pm to 7pm ... to do another round of reading. That is my Saturdays ... till end of Nov.

Steel-sector : Written about it days ago ... go to

Have a nice weekend.


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