Monday, August 03, 2015

Trading in August

1st trading day of AUG. According to the CLSA's chart, we should be going down from here ... with quarter reports coming out for many index-linked companies ... expecting lower profits. Check out Tenaga.

There ... I hv learnt to screen-shot using my hp ... then, send to my FB (only me), save the pix in my pc ... and post it here. Haha ... EPS is 13.99, reduced substantially.

More reports coming ... wont be good. That is for 2H2015. No upside much in KLCI ...

As I m writing SOY-oil dived below USD30, strong support. Commodities SELLDOWN ... CPO will not have upside too. With crude-oil price below USD50  ... no upside for O&G sector too ... well, our MYR will be under pressure further.

So ... with OIL down, CPO down, MYR down ... more foreign funds will be selling. With coming quarter reports not so encouraging, high cost-of-living ... teach me the simple common-sense that KLCI will be seeing new high?! In boleh-land, we can ... yell BOLEH ... and gogogo .. it will shoot up by itself. EPF/KWAP help to push up our KLCI to 1900 or beyond ... and to show investors our confidence in our market.

But ... it is sectoral play now. The "EXPORT" word is playing in every retailers/traders mouth. Furniture-stocks continue to attract many : Latitude, Hevea, Evergreen, LiiHen,PoHuat, Homeriz, Mieco and such... including Sign.

Short-term trading is very tough ... The Sign of market sentiment not good is there. Just when everyone whispering Market-Crash ... we are not crashing YET. So ... still could ride on those up-trending stocks. Avoid O&G, avoid property-sector ... avoid plantation. I will avoid banking too.

Trading in Aug ... will be difficult. So ... I will be using AUG to continue to do many things back-logged due to my procrastination. Arghhh ... much more things to be done. No need to monitor much on those screens ---green-red-green-red-red-red ...

Someone ''strong'' (I knew he might be reading this) watsapp-ed me last night, stating that he do follow the CLSA chart. So ... he has given me confident to follow that too ... AUG-SEPT ... DOWN! Wake me up when Sept ends ... again.

Anyway ... if we are not short-term trading, keep cash or go for positional-trade (buy uptrending sector).

Time for lunch ... and move it.


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