Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Star of the day : Alfa

Today is the day to joy to me ... finally!! It is up!! Yeah ...

Let me share the story behind this ... nothing is easy, cutting the story shorter.

I came back to KL 5yrs and 8 months ago ... broke without money and financial-knowledge much. Only with IDEAs ... and strong determination to clear of my debt and slowly getting myself financially stable ... and free, one day.

I got a teaching job with Taylor's college (SS15 Subang Jaya). I was new ... without students knew me, and do not have tuition students. I have to search for tuition online, and got few jobs but need to travel with low rates. I was broke and desperate ... so, I took the jobs ... of coz.

I travelled in my small kap-cai (second-hand) to Dua-residence (near KLCC) to teach an O-level girl for RM80 per hour. At times, it rained so hard ... my heart sank ... but my spirit was strong. I never cancel a single class. I need the money to support my family. My debt giving me huge stress.

Then ... my second job at Sri Hartamas RM100 per hour. Travelled all the way from Subang Jaya ... and told myself, be strong ... these are temporary. It is dangerous ... riding my kap-cai at nights. I have to teach after my college hour ...

While trading were good back then (2010-2012 were still easy as market bull) ... I slowly to gain much from markets (and huge knowledge too). I saved every cent ... 1st year with Taylor's college ... I gathered a group of lecturers(my colleagues) ... about 10 of them, to discuss of my idea ... to open a tuition center. Why not? All of us giving tuition?

I was new to them ... new to the place, but slowly building up my name. I started my cohort-0 with 6 of my colleagues, teaching them about trading and stock-markets (one of them became an author and even wrote about investing in stock market!!). No one really took my idea seriously ... the risk, the trouble , the uncertainties put everyone away ... but I never give up!

Slowly ... I planned ... and gathered momentum in my tuition. As I m the best Further Math lecturer around, the news spread easily thru mouth of students, parents ... and I m glad the number of students looking for me for tuition grew.

Mr Teh : Further Math tutor ... call him!

I was observing on the BEST tutors around for other subjects. Then, gather them... speak to them again about my idea!!

So ... 2 years later, I approached them again ... and trying to convince them ... I will do all the operational parts ... they come to teach, and be my partners!!

Initially ... it is never easy. But, I managed to pull thru with them ... based on trust. I set-up the place ... done the furnishing ... and such. The place was up, but the licence rejected. And still have to run to Education Dept and Ministry ... and more depts to get approval. Now we are talking about roadblocks in doing biz!!

2 years ... passed. We were growing the center ... number of students increased as I managed to get the BEST tutors (in A-level science subjects) .. and we worked very hard to make sure it runs well.

So ... today, when the contractor put up the signboard ... I felt so relieved. Phew! Is it that great feeling?

Yeah ... never to give up, keep moving but be only with people who support you (in anything we do ... we might fail initially, we do mistakes and much).

Many stories behind everything being seen. It is NEVER easy. Only those successfully to fail ... and see failure to move up, will know what I mean about the "PHEW" feeling ...

Just like in stock-market ... the dive ... the up ... the surge ... the excitement, despair ... it is emotionally draining many. Only those strong ones, positive ones ... and keep learning to improve, will prevail.

I have started a "8 to be great" and will have an e-meeting about what PASSION is all about ... why it is everything to start ... to becoming something great being created.

Today is just the beginning of my journey ... to establish the center to be the BEST around and expansion is in my mind now.


Time to have nice dinner to celebrate. And will celebrate with my tutors too!! :)


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