Friday, August 14, 2015

TGIF : It is Friday

Morning ... KLCI rebounded yesterday ... but is it sustainable?

This chart of "crude oil futures price" showing that the sustainability of the rebound is in danger. And this chart will give our RM4 a greater pressure ...

KLCI rebounded ... perhaps due to slight good-news given by Zeti when she announced that she is not stepping down but will serve her term.

I had an e-meeting last night ... talking about PASSION : My passion in Math, in bowling and in trading now. Because I m passionate about teaching, naturally ... I teach Math, teach bowling and teach trading!! Also ... I m a blogger ... way before I started this blog. I blogged when they do not even have BlogSpot yet ...

Now ... I want to stay positive and look for a new venture, discovering a new passion?

That is the best way of living our short lives ... doing what we love doing, despite of whatever others saying about us.

Sign : Wednesday .... KLCI dived ... and many stocks to buy. I took Signature ... buy at the support. Need to check if it is sustainable ... as it is Friday now, sell ... and go for weekend.

Have a nice Friday ... and weekend ahead.


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