Wednesday, August 05, 2015


Morning ... it is nice to listen to some positive and motivational clips (daily basis).

Here is one to share with all which I was listening to moments ago ...

I was financially poor than 99% of those reading this!! Yes ... he said it right, I WAS that poor.

I hv huge debt to pay ... due to marriage, I loaned from mom/aunts ... took a personal loan and income was low (that was 10 yrs ago).

Change our poor MINDSET :

1. Rich people think BIG, poor people think small

He gave a good example for poor-mentality people trying to save every cents but used much of their TIME. If we could value our TIME (rather than the cents), we could sort-of UPGRADE ourselves. I am using that in my daily basis these days ...

Example : I have the touch-n-go card which is very convenient for paying tolls and parking. I have to pay my Aeon-credit-card extra 2% for auto-payment, and do not need to worry about top-up. For parking, we have to pay ''little'' extra if we are using touch-n-go card. But ... it saves us TIME.

I believe TIME is commodity ... we certainly could INCREASE the value in our time! If we are paid per hour ... say RM30 per hour ... increase that gradually. I was at RM50/hour range giving tuition when I was in KK. That is why I have to move out of KK(the rate is low) and come to KL where the demand is higher. Once we increase our value(of time), we worked harder to INCREASE further our value. Multiplying effects work ... only if we are positive enough...

Let go of the trivials. Do not live with poor-mindset. BUY that newspapers or magz if you wish to read, rather than flipping them in newsstands ... ''stealing'' to read. The MENTALITY is not correct, you may save that few bucks of yours ... but since the mindset is NOT there to appreciate time-money relationship, it will be near impossible for us to move up the value-chain.

Make sense to anyone here?

Think BIG ... buy the book and read about HOW to think BIG. By mixing with our small circle negative people, we will be influenced to think ... smaller than we actually are.

2. Rich people focus on opportunities, poor people focus on obstacles

Do you see problems as challenges to be solved or obstacles for you to avoid? The way we see things is OUR MINDSET. We set our mind ... and we focus in what we THINK about. That is why a strong mindset is needed to recognise that we need to move out of that poor mentality. In trading, when a stock dives sharply ... depending on the reasons, we could see that as opportunities. Hmm .. talking about that, I missed NOBLE recently. I shown my trading group NOBLE(SGX : N21) days ago when it was at 46.5cents. Check my facebook. Haha.

Noble rebounded from 46cents to 60cents!!

This is just an example of opportunities are aplenty if only we focus in what we re doing best. While many still bitching about their jobs, complaining about the luck-in-trading ... or cursing someone for anything ... slowly recognise that obstacles are meant to be solved. Once we could have the skills to do that, we move to higher level of obstacles ... and so on. We do not see it as obstacles ... we see it as opportunities to LEARN.

Now ... do u get what I mean? Certainly you do know successful people or great people around. Ask them how they see challenges!! Complaining and whining about it will not solve the situation ... in fact, it will drag us DOWN. Stand up ... recognise that you are TRAPPED in the poor mindset, admit that and MOVE la.

How many really reading what I m writing here and digest them. I m just merely sharing my OPINIONS and how I changed myself 360!!

3. Rich people admire other rich-successful people, poor people resent rich-successfully people.

Are you reading my blog from i3? You can come here ... ... as those updates wont be re-fresh in i3, u know. I know some from i3 resent me!! They hated my posts there ... and finding my blog a nuisance to their view. Hey ... don't stay in poor mindset. You have a choice to move away (besides, I was in i3 before 80% of those there 4 yrs ago leh!) ... I am still writing my blog, my way ... while haters cant stand to read about my changes, my success-stories ... but I do not brag. I m pointing facts  about my struggles (still am) and my painful journey. I came from poor family, I was in poor mindset group and been totally broke(financially, emotionally, family) ... I decided to CHANGE.

Listen to the clip above. You can CHANGE your mindset if you wish to. By being negative about others, those made it ... successfully ones ... instead of resent them, LEARN from them. While we admired and knew about Jack Ma now, he mentioned that he was looked down, ridiculed and being rejected ... if he is to listen to his haters, he will not be where he is. Highly admired.

Soo ... choice is YOURS. Admire those done well ... ask them how they do it ... and start with ourselves!! Focus to that.

4. Rich people are willing to promote themselves and their values, poor people think negatively about selling and promotion

I have to admit that I dislike publicity ... dislike to promote myself and ... feel cheap-selling myself. But, hey ... I m not doing anything obscene, corrupt, immoral or wrong!! I am a nice person ... a dedicated cikgu, right? So ... after convincing myself that  I am a good-person(internally, I knew myself as good-man) ... I wont mind promoting things I m doing ... including teaching trading for small fees, giving tuition to A-level students (Further Maths and Math) ... call me if anyone wish to join my trading group, learn to trade ... or needs tuition for A-level Math?

Promoting ourselves ... if we have values to share. I do. I m giving e-meeting to reach out to more readers ... and created a motivational-group (called 8 to be great) and going to have e-meeting with the members ... for free, of coz ... it is to promote MOTIVATION to everyone. We all need that!!

Selling is bad? Making money is taboo? Then, why bother to work and sit in-front of pc reading these and look-down on those selling? No one forcing us to buy any items, right?

5. to be continued ... classes.


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