Monday, August 17, 2015


BJAuto : Saw this chart ... when I read Focus(since The Edge banned). Support at 2.10 might be vunerable as at the moment it is trading at 2.13 level (down 8% now).

Anything we bought last week or much early, if we do not cut-loss ... we could be stuck with paper-loss ... and yes, paperloss is loss.

11.25 am : KLCI is minus 25 now ... excited? At 1570 now ... tonight e-meeting will be very interesting.

I wanted to write ... so so many DIVING like crazy ... SKPetrol is below RM1.80 now. Avoid O&G counters ... AirAsia at RM1.13 now, wont be seein light any time soon as AirAsia with high foreign funds is another AVOID.

I really want to write ... but need to spend 30mins in gym and then fetch my girl!!

Afternoon ... full with classes and night is e-meeting. How to find some time to post many waterfalls?

Keep cash and wait for the reversal. Do not catch the knives ... it is painful.

Public-talk : Planning a talk this Sunday ... to share my opinions on current markets. Are we in correction or market crash? How should we prepare for market crash?

Contact me if you are coming to meet me (in person). I appreciate opinions too.

Have a nice week (in case I cant find the time to write)


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