Saturday, August 01, 2015

It is AUGUST 2015 now

It is raining heavily here ... simply like weekends as I could slow-down ... do some readings and perhaps ... pen-down few lines here.

I shall begin with ... today is AUGUST.

There ... according to the CLSA chart ... JULY is the peak for KLCI. We shall see down-down till Sept. How is that to start our August?

Market aside ... lets talk about planning for August.

I m planning for a motivational-group. That should keep me moving ... and if I m not, few members there should do something to motivate each other. That is the aim/objective of the group ... to keep each other motivated ... about LIVING!!

Secondly, I m starting the futures-trading group ... in proper. Need to focus in that.

August 2008 ... I started this blog. So ... I m going to celebrate ... after 7 long years ... post #3140 ... and hundreds of hours blogging here. Haha ... perhaps, I will take a day off ... go somewhere far, alone ... and blog whole day!!

Then ... August, I will spend some money(and time) to make small renovation to my office and make it nice/cosy. I will also spend time there ... listening to songs or watching a movie!! Time to enjoy, man.

So ... after a year quit my full-time teaching job, I have stayed at home ... for too long. I have to be back to be active and motivated again. At times, we simply too comfortable .. once our ''needs'' taken care-of ... we becoming lazy .... zzzz ... So .. I decided to go to office, have a nice trading-table and tools ... and to stay focus in my trading. Yeah .. going to HKSE, which I m still bullish.

What else is the good about August?

Planning for my second tuition center? It is in my drawing board ... and needs to get it moving before I get too lazy again. Hope to get things finalised and starting it next year!! Just do it la ...

Time to go shopping ...


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