Thursday, August 20, 2015

Cheaper petrol

Good morning ... bad news here as OIL going to USD41 sooner than expected? But, good news is that we might have a cheaper petrol end of the month. MERDEKA!!

DOW minus 162 ... that short two-days rebound in danger again ... oopss ... here we go again. FKLI minus 12 points.

This is very volatile ... many stocks in my watch list jumped 6-10% up yesterday. The best trade at the moment was bought Coastal 1.67 on Monday and sold 1.78-1.82 yesterday (it went to 1.90, actually). I sold Unisem too ... bought when hammer formed. Many others still stuck ... pending recovery, if any. If not ... cut-loss when it triggers the cut-loss point again.

Coastal : This is a weekly chart ... after yesterday's closing. A hammer is forming, but we need to wait for Friday. I will avoid O&G and has been warning my trading group to avoid O&G months ago. But Coastal with RSI at 9 on Monday tempted me to trade.

Unisem : Shot up ... and sold 1.79 too early.

Today is RED day again ... sell those rebounded. Sell those not rebounding. Sell those below our cut-loss points. Sell? Or ... buy during current FEAR level?

I really want to write about AirAsia as many asking about this stock.

AirAsia : Trading at 1.05 at the moment ... if we are trading without profit-taking/cut-loss ... we will be in huge losses now. I will update AirAsia once it becomes a penny-stock!!

Note : AirAsia is a TRADING stock, not for investing. Some of them speculating that the low-price OIL will benefit AirAsia. Weird ... I thought they hedged the oil-prices at higher level (USD80 level?) ... so it wont benefit them much even oil-prices plunging? I might have read it wrongly. Perhaps ....

Market talk : This Sunday noon, 3pm ... I am going to have a public-talk (Mr Murali@i3, if you are still reading my posts, you are cordially invited to my free-talk ... contact me, ya). I am going to discuss if current SELLDOWN is a correction ... or is it a crash? How do we prepare for market-crash? It is for information and educational purposes. Contact me at or sms 012-821 0129. Invite your friends too!!

9.20am : KLC at 1568 level, minus 14 points.

This is how I wrote blog at 1st-2nd year ... I jotted down the level ... few times in a day!! You may check it when KLCI at 900 below level. The excitement to see RED sea ... or bloodbath ... interesting to see how much we are losing money in market, yet ... many newbies DO NOT take efforts to learn or re-doing the similar mistakes again and again ...

9.28 am : 82 winners vs 852 losers

9.30 am : GenM at RM3.93 ... it was previously known as Resorts. I bought Resorts at RM1.90 level ... during the bearish market back in beginning of Jan 2009. But, I never hold ... so, I m going to learn to buy GOOD counters (penny, if possible) during the crash ... but we have to be patient as GenM still at RM3.90 level today ... wait for it to go below RM2 again, ya.

9.35 am : BJAuto recently highlighted by Focus ... rebound and GREEN ... in the sea of red. KLCI minus17 now. BJAuto 2.05 at the moment, I bought during closing 1.98 (sweating now) .. sold 2.07 as I m writing. Phew!! I just posted to my group-chatbox ... as they followed me to buy yesterday before closing. If they are buying/selling, I don't know. All my trades are transparent. So ... I will tell the group "live" ... it is a difficult month ... and keeping CASH or doing short-trading only.

9.45am : KLCI at 1562, minus 20 ... wow.

Terrible selldown this round ... the correction is very sharp with foreign funds continue to flee ... exit our country. Sad case ... as we are approaching the Merdeka day.

Time to go to gym ... to exercise. Then ... 10.30am, back to watch FCPO ... which gap-up-down ... crazy, cant trade FCPO these days. Haha.

Have a nice day ... red or not.


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