Sunday, August 23, 2015

Book Sharing : 8 to be Great

Sunday noon ... while many having their mind in the current sharp correction(some are yelling crash?) in markets ... DOW dived 530 points last Friday ... and oh boy, we shall see more red-sea ...

Hang Seng Index : Broken the 24, 000 convincingly last week. Support next at 21,100 level.

Ok ... forget markets for a while ... I will have an e-public talk about markets tonight (10.15pm) and we shall talk about that, then ... click here :

Supposed to have a public-talk today (now) but have to cancel due to lack of response. Hmm ... market is THAT bad, ya.

click here for the event-page :

I attended a book-sharing session 2 weeks ago ... the title of "Retire by 40" ... about how a Thai actor quit ... and started his own MLM-system ... and successfully made many millionaires, to retire by 40. It was shared by a young lady, 25 ... who joined the network. They are talking about passive income from MLM system.

Anyway ... my talk is about this book .. which I m sharing with many. It is a great-book ... compact with facts ... steering our thoughts and see if we could view those TRAITS positively.

Listen to the clip above. Yes, I have shared it few times ... and we need to listen to these clips for at least 8 times ... to understand?

I have created a closed Facebook group ... this month we will be talk about PASSION (only one member spoken about his experiences on follow his passion (in doing law)). I m sharing about why I m passionate in Math ... then teaching Math. Now, I m hooked in trading ... passion in learning to trade well and to teach trading.

Ok ... got to go now.


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