Thursday, August 27, 2015

Be tough during painful times

Thu ... today is bull-day as DOW rebounded 619 points. KLCI green again. KLCI up 7points at the moment.

Today ... I do not have any classes ... no appointment, either. So ... finally could rest to read some books plus hair-cut, service bike and preparing for tmr night's tratles meeting.  Also ... spend some time .. blogging. It is not easy to find inspiration to write these weeks/months/years ... as I m so choked with work-work-work ... classes increased, expanding my biz-network and reaching out with many more entrepreneurs. It is amazing journey for a Math-teacher who know nothing about finances. In fact, as I said many of times ... I was a total financial-idiot(worst case scenario) merely 10 years ago ... and 5 years ago, I came back to KL here, financially-broke (was still in huge debt).

Today ... I will put that as my past ... sharing with many who want to listen to my ah-pek way of sharing ... my experiences, the struggle ... the motivation ... the persistence and hard-work. Not to mention those negative humans around us ... to discourage and insult us. We simply have to move on ... while seeing things positively. Yeah ... the failures taken as stepping stones, easier said than done.

Have you ever lied there on the beach ... during midnight, crying ...and wanting to give up everything ... but you know that you could not 'jump into the sea' as you have a young 2 month-old baby to feed? And you do not see light at all ... and could not afford to feed your new-born baby? Insults from everywhere ... everyone? You are left alone ... feeling defeated? HAVE YOU?

I have those down moments ... so many of times. That was merely 10 years ago.

The baby-boy is 9-yr old now ... liking to play "lego" and his "comics". This picture was taken 5 years ago ... when we just back to KL.

The PAINFUL moments ... spurred me to spring myself up. Newton's third law applied. So ... I decided to CHANGE ... change my mindset about FINANCIAL. For my boy's sake ... for my marriage's sake ... for my own sake!

Ok ... that was my DOWN .. lowest ebb. Lowest point in my life ... never felt so hopeless, useless ... and as the Chinese will curse " no die also no use". true to the point ... if we think we have friends? I do not have one back then in Sabah. I do not think so I have one now, either. Someone who will not judge us ... give us support(money, time, spirit, effort ... helping hands).

From my watsapp : by a blog-reader, MT

MT : Good morning Teh. Wishing you and all at A-Star Tuition Centre good streak of A's students. This is to complement your early journey from Sabah to KL. Cheers.

I received this encouraging message days ago ... from a reader who is following my blog  ... and my journey, I guess. I am still struggling ... yeah, he might be reading this. So ... I will like to thank you openly as those messages spur me to write this post!! Few more readers over the years ... I appreciated their words, tho I do not know who they are, never met them!

So ... I will always like to remind myself of my LOWEST point ... as that was the TURNING POINT. I will always remember ... that my wife gave birth to my boy, we were staying in my in-law's back room ... cramped in with my mom(flew there to help my wife for 1 month). That was the lowest point ... where you could not able to put a smile ... could not lift your head up!! HAVE YOU ever in such situation? TOUGH times ... that last for years? No one trust you ... or look up at you?

Well ... try to recall those DOWN moments ... then, you will appreciate whatever you have NOW, presently. And if given another situation where you need to re-start EVERYTHING again, you knew you will have the experiences to help/guide you. This is HOW successful people ... bounced up, stronger.

Still no convinced that I WAS from that low, without money ... huge debt 10years ago? I am a living example ... this blog is born in 2008, AUG ... when market was crashing down? Lose money is a certainty for newbies and without CUT-LOSS ... losing could be greater. PAIN? In extreme pain before ... cried? Of coz ... but never give up!

Have you ever feel like giving up due to pain? REAL pain inside us?

That is your turning point opportunity ... if you could HANG ON. It is not easy ... in fact, too difficult for many of us to build ourselves ... from that painful situation.

BJCorp : See the PAIN of holding to BJCorp if you bought at RM1? It closed at 35 cents yesterday. My ex-colleague bought at RM1.30 ... when they talked about sports-licence. She joined my trading workshop .... and asked me. It was at above 90cente level in 2012 ... it was during CNY. She listened to her remisier back then to buy ... but never advise on cut-loss??

Pain to cut-loss? Pain to pay some money to learn? Lacking of knowledge in buying cost us much more.

So ... I have learnt to cut-loss!! As traders, we need too ...

I have attended few trading workshops, paid money for them ... costing me thousands. Paid few hundreds (to thousands now) for buying books and materials.

That is PAIN ... pain of learning. We have to be tough enough to continue to learn. Most will fail as it is too tough.

Think of the LOWEST of your point being in markets. Mine was during 2008 crash .... the pain of losing it ALL ... think of those stupidest mistakes we done in trading. Losing all ... and such. Think PAIN ... as that could be the turning point, to be wiser and a better trader.

This post is dedicated to those feeling the PAIN ... what you do with the PAIN is totally up to you.

I used the PAINFUL ... situation ... to re-evaluate what I have done so wrong, putting me is such situation. For example ... why am I so broke when I married and having my first baby boy? How am I going to face everyone else being such a failure? I failed in my goreng-keropok biz then ... argued with my biz-partner and split! The pain ... arrghhh ..

Did you read my blog during my split with Dr JL, my trading partner and a good friend? The PAIN still there in me ... arghhh ... I almost given up to teach trading as the pain of losing a friend was too great for me. That is another arrghhh ...

If I have to recall all my painful experiences, my low-time times ... my failures and rejections by many ... the insult (I still have those insults from i3@forum ... and if I need the dose to push me, I will visit there ... and thanking those critics for making me tough and stronger again!! See how we USE those pain? ... non-successful empty tins in forums wont understand that as they are too busy criticising everyone else, except themselves! hmm ... leave that for another post).

Despite the pain ... I started this blog.

Despite so many failures ... I started to change my mindset.

Despite knowing so many bad/negative people, I only took the positive words.

NOTHING comes easy ... and to be able to take the PAIN ... that is the time we have changed!

Listen to this clip ... I joined Toastmaster last year. This was last year champ ... great talk!

He was in trouble ... in lock-up. He is ashamed ... and now, a successful speaker ... won the world champion! Do you think that is NOT PAINFUL journey?

Read more of those successful stories ... my story is boring tho it was real. I m still far from so-called success ... but I always see myself being successful(including being a good father ... and in my charity cause).

I have knew few successful people ... they all shared some painful stories too. These are tough men ... I respected them highly. I wanted to emulate their success ... I quietly plan my own stories ... could it be story of success?

So ... I m going to share little of the characters needed to be GREAT.

Book-sharing : 8 to be great.

Join me in the event, 11th Sept Friday ... SS15 ... Subang Jaya.

Be tough. Face our pain ... and we shall prevail


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