Thursday, August 13, 2015

Be good words, in deeds

Morning ... it is the MERDEKA month again ... with the mood for that dying off. Can't find the patriotism in me ... which burning strong when I was younger. Rest the case ... and hae to continue to work hard, to provide freedom for my family.

It has been a real volatile days/weeks in markets. The huge swing is really testing many of us, especially those lacking in experiences and bought into those speculative counters! Those penny-hot-stocks dived another 10% yesterday ... checking on Systech, Priva, Frontken and such.

I started to buy into few(4 to be exact) penny-stocks. We shall see if they could perform by next week. Cut-loss is becoming like a usual routine as many supports broken and even hammers failed.

There are many things for me to write ... sitting in one of mamak-shop at the moment. Thoughts flow ... mainly on trading, but also ... packed with tuition classes. Another biz-venturing in mind(food catering!) ...

At times, we were too extreme busy and ... with TIME not on our side, we could be harsh. We could get upset with someone else. I have reminded myself many of time to learn to calm ... no matter how busy I am ... take a little time to be kind.
I can ... sit here for hours, to write a blog-post and enjoy doing it. But ... again, time is very tight. So many things in mind ... which used to be empty(LOL .. tin-kosong when I started this blog in Aug 2008).
I can write about my Genting trip up for some sort of training, organised by the ToastMaster Club.
I can write about my new ventures such failing in futures-trading so far
or about my excitement in venturing a new tuition center (might succeed or fail?) ...
or my recently formed group "8 to be great" which is kinda .. QUIET ... as many waiting for me to spur up the motivation? haha .. ok ok ... join me in that group and I will have FIRST e-meeting tonight (9.30pm) regarding the group ...
or about anything under the sun. haha. But, I will not write about current political situation.
TIME ... time is becoming  commodity to me. To balance so many of my so-called activities, I hve to prioritise. To blog here for an hour is my joy ... to read a good book and learn some ideas is my joy too. I cant have both!!
Perhaps I could write about why am I sitting at mamak here ... typing, I mean ... blogging.
I had a nice breakfast today with my wife. Instead of usual bread at home, we went to McD for breakfast. First time having breakfast at McD ... as we do not like the unhealthy food!! Heck ... once in blue-moon ... have it diferent. Haha. While having breakfast, I shared with her the concept of FREEDOM (then, shared in my facebook too).
1. Speeches and Thoughts
2. Time
3. Money
4. Choice
Yes ... it is our choice to be happy. Don't blame on others.
It is our choice to do good. Be good.
Time to rush again ... next.

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