Thursday, August 27, 2015

Be tough during painful times

Thu ... today is bull-day as DOW rebounded 619 points. KLCI green again. KLCI up 7points at the moment.

Today ... I do not have any classes ... no appointment, either. So ... finally could rest to read some books plus hair-cut, service bike and preparing for tmr night's tratles meeting.  Also ... spend some time .. blogging. It is not easy to find inspiration to write these weeks/months/years ... as I m so choked with work-work-work ... classes increased, expanding my biz-network and reaching out with many more entrepreneurs. It is amazing journey for a Math-teacher who know nothing about finances. In fact, as I said many of times ... I was a total financial-idiot(worst case scenario) merely 10 years ago ... and 5 years ago, I came back to KL here, financially-broke (was still in huge debt).

Today ... I will put that as my past ... sharing with many who want to listen to my ah-pek way of sharing ... my experiences, the struggle ... the motivation ... the persistence and hard-work. Not to mention those negative humans around us ... to discourage and insult us. We simply have to move on ... while seeing things positively. Yeah ... the failures taken as stepping stones, easier said than done.

Have you ever lied there on the beach ... during midnight, crying ...and wanting to give up everything ... but you know that you could not 'jump into the sea' as you have a young 2 month-old baby to feed? And you do not see light at all ... and could not afford to feed your new-born baby? Insults from everywhere ... everyone? You are left alone ... feeling defeated? HAVE YOU?

I have those down moments ... so many of times. That was merely 10 years ago.

The baby-boy is 9-yr old now ... liking to play "lego" and his "comics". This picture was taken 5 years ago ... when we just back to KL.

The PAINFUL moments ... spurred me to spring myself up. Newton's third law applied. So ... I decided to CHANGE ... change my mindset about FINANCIAL. For my boy's sake ... for my marriage's sake ... for my own sake!

Ok ... that was my DOWN .. lowest ebb. Lowest point in my life ... never felt so hopeless, useless ... and as the Chinese will curse " no die also no use". true to the point ... if we think we have friends? I do not have one back then in Sabah. I do not think so I have one now, either. Someone who will not judge us ... give us support(money, time, spirit, effort ... helping hands).

From my watsapp : by a blog-reader, MT

MT : Good morning Teh. Wishing you and all at A-Star Tuition Centre good streak of A's students. This is to complement your early journey from Sabah to KL. Cheers.

I received this encouraging message days ago ... from a reader who is following my blog  ... and my journey, I guess. I am still struggling ... yeah, he might be reading this. So ... I will like to thank you openly as those messages spur me to write this post!! Few more readers over the years ... I appreciated their words, tho I do not know who they are, never met them!

So ... I will always like to remind myself of my LOWEST point ... as that was the TURNING POINT. I will always remember ... that my wife gave birth to my boy, we were staying in my in-law's back room ... cramped in with my mom(flew there to help my wife for 1 month). That was the lowest point ... where you could not able to put a smile ... could not lift your head up!! HAVE YOU ever in such situation? TOUGH times ... that last for years? No one trust you ... or look up at you?

Well ... try to recall those DOWN moments ... then, you will appreciate whatever you have NOW, presently. And if given another situation where you need to re-start EVERYTHING again, you knew you will have the experiences to help/guide you. This is HOW successful people ... bounced up, stronger.

Still no convinced that I WAS from that low, without money ... huge debt 10years ago? I am a living example ... this blog is born in 2008, AUG ... when market was crashing down? Lose money is a certainty for newbies and without CUT-LOSS ... losing could be greater. PAIN? In extreme pain before ... cried? Of coz ... but never give up!

Have you ever feel like giving up due to pain? REAL pain inside us?

That is your turning point opportunity ... if you could HANG ON. It is not easy ... in fact, too difficult for many of us to build ourselves ... from that painful situation.

BJCorp : See the PAIN of holding to BJCorp if you bought at RM1? It closed at 35 cents yesterday. My ex-colleague bought at RM1.30 ... when they talked about sports-licence. She joined my trading workshop .... and asked me. It was at above 90cente level in 2012 ... it was during CNY. She listened to her remisier back then to buy ... but never advise on cut-loss??

Pain to cut-loss? Pain to pay some money to learn? Lacking of knowledge in buying cost us much more.

So ... I have learnt to cut-loss!! As traders, we need too ...

I have attended few trading workshops, paid money for them ... costing me thousands. Paid few hundreds (to thousands now) for buying books and materials.

That is PAIN ... pain of learning. We have to be tough enough to continue to learn. Most will fail as it is too tough.

Think of the LOWEST of your point being in markets. Mine was during 2008 crash .... the pain of losing it ALL ... think of those stupidest mistakes we done in trading. Losing all ... and such. Think PAIN ... as that could be the turning point, to be wiser and a better trader.

This post is dedicated to those feeling the PAIN ... what you do with the PAIN is totally up to you.

I used the PAINFUL ... situation ... to re-evaluate what I have done so wrong, putting me is such situation. For example ... why am I so broke when I married and having my first baby boy? How am I going to face everyone else being such a failure? I failed in my goreng-keropok biz then ... argued with my biz-partner and split! The pain ... arrghhh ..

Did you read my blog during my split with Dr JL, my trading partner and a good friend? The PAIN still there in me ... arghhh ... I almost given up to teach trading as the pain of losing a friend was too great for me. That is another arrghhh ...

If I have to recall all my painful experiences, my low-time times ... my failures and rejections by many ... the insult (I still have those insults from i3@forum ... and if I need the dose to push me, I will visit there ... and thanking those critics for making me tough and stronger again!! See how we USE those pain? ... non-successful empty tins in forums wont understand that as they are too busy criticising everyone else, except themselves! hmm ... leave that for another post).

Despite the pain ... I started this blog.

Despite so many failures ... I started to change my mindset.

Despite knowing so many bad/negative people, I only took the positive words.

NOTHING comes easy ... and to be able to take the PAIN ... that is the time we have changed!

Listen to this clip ... I joined Toastmaster last year. This was last year champ ... great talk!

He was in trouble ... in lock-up. He is ashamed ... and now, a successful speaker ... won the world champion! Do you think that is NOT PAINFUL journey?

Read more of those successful stories ... my story is boring tho it was real. I m still far from so-called success ... but I always see myself being successful(including being a good father ... and in my charity cause).

I have knew few successful people ... they all shared some painful stories too. These are tough men ... I respected them highly. I wanted to emulate their success ... I quietly plan my own stories ... could it be story of success?

So ... I m going to share little of the characters needed to be GREAT.

Book-sharing : 8 to be great.

Join me in the event, 11th Sept Friday ... SS15 ... Subang Jaya.

Be tough. Face our pain ... and we shall prevail


Monday, August 24, 2015

DOW minus 530 ... Bear day?

KLCI to dive to 1500 level next? That is what many are talking about.
fasten our seatbelts ... we will have a roller-coaster ride.


Sunday, August 23, 2015

Book Sharing : 8 to be Great

Sunday noon ... while many having their mind in the current sharp correction(some are yelling crash?) in markets ... DOW dived 530 points last Friday ... and oh boy, we shall see more red-sea ...

Hang Seng Index : Broken the 24, 000 convincingly last week. Support next at 21,100 level.

Ok ... forget markets for a while ... I will have an e-public talk about markets tonight (10.15pm) and we shall talk about that, then ... click here :

Supposed to have a public-talk today (now) but have to cancel due to lack of response. Hmm ... market is THAT bad, ya.

click here for the event-page :

I attended a book-sharing session 2 weeks ago ... the title of "Retire by 40" ... about how a Thai actor quit ... and started his own MLM-system ... and successfully made many millionaires, to retire by 40. It was shared by a young lady, 25 ... who joined the network. They are talking about passive income from MLM system.

Anyway ... my talk is about this book .. which I m sharing with many. It is a great-book ... compact with facts ... steering our thoughts and see if we could view those TRAITS positively.

Listen to the clip above. Yes, I have shared it few times ... and we need to listen to these clips for at least 8 times ... to understand?

I have created a closed Facebook group ... this month we will be talk about PASSION (only one member spoken about his experiences on follow his passion (in doing law)). I m sharing about why I m passionate in Math ... then teaching Math. Now, I m hooked in trading ... passion in learning to trade well and to teach trading.

Ok ... got to go now.


Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Star of the day : Alfa

Today is the day to joy to me ... finally!! It is up!! Yeah ...

Let me share the story behind this ... nothing is easy, cutting the story shorter.

I came back to KL 5yrs and 8 months ago ... broke without money and financial-knowledge much. Only with IDEAs ... and strong determination to clear of my debt and slowly getting myself financially stable ... and free, one day.

I got a teaching job with Taylor's college (SS15 Subang Jaya). I was new ... without students knew me, and do not have tuition students. I have to search for tuition online, and got few jobs but need to travel with low rates. I was broke and desperate ... so, I took the jobs ... of coz.

I travelled in my small kap-cai (second-hand) to Dua-residence (near KLCC) to teach an O-level girl for RM80 per hour. At times, it rained so hard ... my heart sank ... but my spirit was strong. I never cancel a single class. I need the money to support my family. My debt giving me huge stress.

Then ... my second job at Sri Hartamas RM100 per hour. Travelled all the way from Subang Jaya ... and told myself, be strong ... these are temporary. It is dangerous ... riding my kap-cai at nights. I have to teach after my college hour ...

While trading were good back then (2010-2012 were still easy as market bull) ... I slowly to gain much from markets (and huge knowledge too). I saved every cent ... 1st year with Taylor's college ... I gathered a group of lecturers(my colleagues) ... about 10 of them, to discuss of my idea ... to open a tuition center. Why not? All of us giving tuition?

I was new to them ... new to the place, but slowly building up my name. I started my cohort-0 with 6 of my colleagues, teaching them about trading and stock-markets (one of them became an author and even wrote about investing in stock market!!). No one really took my idea seriously ... the risk, the trouble , the uncertainties put everyone away ... but I never give up!

Slowly ... I planned ... and gathered momentum in my tuition. As I m the best Further Math lecturer around, the news spread easily thru mouth of students, parents ... and I m glad the number of students looking for me for tuition grew.

Mr Teh : Further Math tutor ... call him!

I was observing on the BEST tutors around for other subjects. Then, gather them... speak to them again about my idea!!

So ... 2 years later, I approached them again ... and trying to convince them ... I will do all the operational parts ... they come to teach, and be my partners!!

Initially ... it is never easy. But, I managed to pull thru with them ... based on trust. I set-up the place ... done the furnishing ... and such. The place was up, but the licence rejected. And still have to run to Education Dept and Ministry ... and more depts to get approval. Now we are talking about roadblocks in doing biz!!

2 years ... passed. We were growing the center ... number of students increased as I managed to get the BEST tutors (in A-level science subjects) .. and we worked very hard to make sure it runs well.

So ... today, when the contractor put up the signboard ... I felt so relieved. Phew! Is it that great feeling?

Yeah ... never to give up, keep moving but be only with people who support you (in anything we do ... we might fail initially, we do mistakes and much).

Many stories behind everything being seen. It is NEVER easy. Only those successfully to fail ... and see failure to move up, will know what I mean about the "PHEW" feeling ...

Just like in stock-market ... the dive ... the up ... the surge ... the excitement, despair ... it is emotionally draining many. Only those strong ones, positive ones ... and keep learning to improve, will prevail.

I have started a "8 to be great" and will have an e-meeting about what PASSION is all about ... why it is everything to start ... to becoming something great being created.

Today is just the beginning of my journey ... to establish the center to be the BEST around and expansion is in my mind now.


Time to have nice dinner to celebrate. And will celebrate with my tutors too!! :)


Friday, August 21, 2015

DOW minus 358 points : BEAR DAY?

KLCI at 1560.

Maybank at RM8.30, hit RM8.20 level. Wow.

KLCI next support at 1530 ... oversold now.

FGV : If no cut-loss ... FGV at RM1.34 now, new low each day ... going below RM1 as penny-stock? Cheap to buy?

9.15am : AirAsia at 98cents, welcome to penny-stock world.

Ok ... time to rest and read a book. :)

have a nice weekend ahead.


Thursday, August 20, 2015

Cheaper petrol

Good morning ... bad news here as OIL going to USD41 sooner than expected? But, good news is that we might have a cheaper petrol end of the month. MERDEKA!!

DOW minus 162 ... that short two-days rebound in danger again ... oopss ... here we go again. FKLI minus 12 points.

This is very volatile ... many stocks in my watch list jumped 6-10% up yesterday. The best trade at the moment was bought Coastal 1.67 on Monday and sold 1.78-1.82 yesterday (it went to 1.90, actually). I sold Unisem too ... bought when hammer formed. Many others still stuck ... pending recovery, if any. If not ... cut-loss when it triggers the cut-loss point again.

Coastal : This is a weekly chart ... after yesterday's closing. A hammer is forming, but we need to wait for Friday. I will avoid O&G and has been warning my trading group to avoid O&G months ago. But Coastal with RSI at 9 on Monday tempted me to trade.

Unisem : Shot up ... and sold 1.79 too early.

Today is RED day again ... sell those rebounded. Sell those not rebounding. Sell those below our cut-loss points. Sell? Or ... buy during current FEAR level?

I really want to write about AirAsia as many asking about this stock.

AirAsia : Trading at 1.05 at the moment ... if we are trading without profit-taking/cut-loss ... we will be in huge losses now. I will update AirAsia once it becomes a penny-stock!!

Note : AirAsia is a TRADING stock, not for investing. Some of them speculating that the low-price OIL will benefit AirAsia. Weird ... I thought they hedged the oil-prices at higher level (USD80 level?) ... so it wont benefit them much even oil-prices plunging? I might have read it wrongly. Perhaps ....

Market talk : This Sunday noon, 3pm ... I am going to have a public-talk (Mr Murali@i3, if you are still reading my posts, you are cordially invited to my free-talk ... contact me, ya). I am going to discuss if current SELLDOWN is a correction ... or is it a crash? How do we prepare for market-crash? It is for information and educational purposes. Contact me at or sms 012-821 0129. Invite your friends too!!

9.20am : KLC at 1568 level, minus 14 points.

This is how I wrote blog at 1st-2nd year ... I jotted down the level ... few times in a day!! You may check it when KLCI at 900 below level. The excitement to see RED sea ... or bloodbath ... interesting to see how much we are losing money in market, yet ... many newbies DO NOT take efforts to learn or re-doing the similar mistakes again and again ...

9.28 am : 82 winners vs 852 losers

9.30 am : GenM at RM3.93 ... it was previously known as Resorts. I bought Resorts at RM1.90 level ... during the bearish market back in beginning of Jan 2009. But, I never hold ... so, I m going to learn to buy GOOD counters (penny, if possible) during the crash ... but we have to be patient as GenM still at RM3.90 level today ... wait for it to go below RM2 again, ya.

9.35 am : BJAuto recently highlighted by Focus ... rebound and GREEN ... in the sea of red. KLCI minus17 now. BJAuto 2.05 at the moment, I bought during closing 1.98 (sweating now) .. sold 2.07 as I m writing. Phew!! I just posted to my group-chatbox ... as they followed me to buy yesterday before closing. If they are buying/selling, I don't know. All my trades are transparent. So ... I will tell the group "live" ... it is a difficult month ... and keeping CASH or doing short-trading only.

9.45am : KLCI at 1562, minus 20 ... wow.

Terrible selldown this round ... the correction is very sharp with foreign funds continue to flee ... exit our country. Sad case ... as we are approaching the Merdeka day.

Time to go to gym ... to exercise. Then ... 10.30am, back to watch FCPO ... which gap-up-down ... crazy, cant trade FCPO these days. Haha.

Have a nice day ... red or not.


Monday, August 17, 2015


BJAuto : Saw this chart ... when I read Focus(since The Edge banned). Support at 2.10 might be vunerable as at the moment it is trading at 2.13 level (down 8% now).

Anything we bought last week or much early, if we do not cut-loss ... we could be stuck with paper-loss ... and yes, paperloss is loss.

11.25 am : KLCI is minus 25 now ... excited? At 1570 now ... tonight e-meeting will be very interesting.

I wanted to write ... so so many DIVING like crazy ... SKPetrol is below RM1.80 now. Avoid O&G counters ... AirAsia at RM1.13 now, wont be seein light any time soon as AirAsia with high foreign funds is another AVOID.

I really want to write ... but need to spend 30mins in gym and then fetch my girl!!

Afternoon ... full with classes and night is e-meeting. How to find some time to post many waterfalls?

Keep cash and wait for the reversal. Do not catch the knives ... it is painful.

Public-talk : Planning a talk this Sunday ... to share my opinions on current markets. Are we in correction or market crash? How should we prepare for market crash?

Contact me if you are coming to meet me (in person). I appreciate opinions too.

Have a nice week (in case I cant find the time to write)


Friday, August 14, 2015

TGIF : It is Friday

Morning ... KLCI rebounded yesterday ... but is it sustainable?

This chart of "crude oil futures price" showing that the sustainability of the rebound is in danger. And this chart will give our RM4 a greater pressure ...

KLCI rebounded ... perhaps due to slight good-news given by Zeti when she announced that she is not stepping down but will serve her term.

I had an e-meeting last night ... talking about PASSION : My passion in Math, in bowling and in trading now. Because I m passionate about teaching, naturally ... I teach Math, teach bowling and teach trading!! Also ... I m a blogger ... way before I started this blog. I blogged when they do not even have BlogSpot yet ...

Now ... I want to stay positive and look for a new venture, discovering a new passion?

That is the best way of living our short lives ... doing what we love doing, despite of whatever others saying about us.

Sign : Wednesday .... KLCI dived ... and many stocks to buy. I took Signature ... buy at the support. Need to check if it is sustainable ... as it is Friday now, sell ... and go for weekend.

Have a nice Friday ... and weekend ahead.


Thursday, August 13, 2015

Be good words, in deeds

Morning ... it is the MERDEKA month again ... with the mood for that dying off. Can't find the patriotism in me ... which burning strong when I was younger. Rest the case ... and hae to continue to work hard, to provide freedom for my family.

It has been a real volatile days/weeks in markets. The huge swing is really testing many of us, especially those lacking in experiences and bought into those speculative counters! Those penny-hot-stocks dived another 10% yesterday ... checking on Systech, Priva, Frontken and such.

I started to buy into few(4 to be exact) penny-stocks. We shall see if they could perform by next week. Cut-loss is becoming like a usual routine as many supports broken and even hammers failed.

There are many things for me to write ... sitting in one of mamak-shop at the moment. Thoughts flow ... mainly on trading, but also ... packed with tuition classes. Another biz-venturing in mind(food catering!) ...

At times, we were too extreme busy and ... with TIME not on our side, we could be harsh. We could get upset with someone else. I have reminded myself many of time to learn to calm ... no matter how busy I am ... take a little time to be kind.
I can ... sit here for hours, to write a blog-post and enjoy doing it. But ... again, time is very tight. So many things in mind ... which used to be empty(LOL .. tin-kosong when I started this blog in Aug 2008).
I can write about my Genting trip up for some sort of training, organised by the ToastMaster Club.
I can write about my new ventures such failing in futures-trading so far
or about my excitement in venturing a new tuition center (might succeed or fail?) ...
or my recently formed group "8 to be great" which is kinda .. QUIET ... as many waiting for me to spur up the motivation? haha .. ok ok ... join me in that group and I will have FIRST e-meeting tonight (9.30pm) regarding the group ...
or about anything under the sun. haha. But, I will not write about current political situation.
TIME ... time is becoming  commodity to me. To balance so many of my so-called activities, I hve to prioritise. To blog here for an hour is my joy ... to read a good book and learn some ideas is my joy too. I cant have both!!
Perhaps I could write about why am I sitting at mamak here ... typing, I mean ... blogging.
I had a nice breakfast today with my wife. Instead of usual bread at home, we went to McD for breakfast. First time having breakfast at McD ... as we do not like the unhealthy food!! Heck ... once in blue-moon ... have it diferent. Haha. While having breakfast, I shared with her the concept of FREEDOM (then, shared in my facebook too).
1. Speeches and Thoughts
2. Time
3. Money
4. Choice
Yes ... it is our choice to be happy. Don't blame on others.
It is our choice to do good. Be good.
Time to rush again ... next.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

e-meeting : KLCI to rebound?

Tonight I will have an e-meeting 9.30pm to talk check into KLCI Index-linked counters.

those interested, click the link above to join.

see you.


1USD = MYR4 : a reality now

KLCI down another 20points ... support a 1600 might be vulnerable now.
What is the talk in town now?
Our RINGGIT ... down again and hit the number 4 yesterday!!
Is our country in crisis now?
Poor Malaysians ... we are going to celebrate our MERDEKA DAY ... without feeling the FREEDOM ... and we plunging into more critical issues to handle.
A change is needed ... but could Malaysia survive the current test?
Watching ... by the way, today is a Merdeka-sales in KLSE ... time to buy?

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Bearish Market

FKLI : Broken the Dec2014 low ... now, the support broken.

Finance : After the attack on Maybank today (RHB too), the support should be broken today. Avoid financial-sector.

Maybank : Support RM8.30 could be reached soon ...

Avoid finance. Avoid plantation. Avoid property. Avoid penny-speculative.

Trade at own risk. Don't like KL ... go HK.


Monday, August 10, 2015

SELLDOWN : Buy opportunities

KLCI minus 30 today ... broken 1670 support ... hit 1650 support.

It closed for lunch at 1652.76 level now.

66 up vs 878 down.

1 USD = MYR 3.92

Crude oil below USD45

What else?

Buying good stocks? Index-linked stocks?

Some of my counters stuck now ... some I have cut-loss earlier as it broken the support.

MALAKOFF at 1.44

Armada at RM1.01

PChem back to RM6

Karex at RM3.25

And many more to write here ... go for lunch first.

Note : I do see the selldown as opportunity to buy GOOD stocks. trade at your own risk


Saturday, August 08, 2015

My blog is 7 years old

8.8.2015 ... Saturday.

Today marked the 7th b-day for my blog. I started this blog during this date 8th Aug 2008 ... yes, 8.8.08 and it was the Beijing Olympic day too.

Read my 2008 posts ... interesting on how I blogged previously. I was learning about stock-market ... learning to trade by myself when I was in KK(all by myself)

This is the link to my very FIRST POST

Found this post : 25th Oct 2008 about plantation.

Plantation - 17th Oct ---> 25th Oct
1. Asiatic - 3.60(L 3.56) ---> 2.89(L 2.88)
2. BatuKawan - 6.70(L 6.55) ---> 6.60(L 6.40)
3. HSPlant - 1.45(L 1.43) ---> 1.38(L 1.37)
4. IJMPlant - 1.53(L 1.53) ---> 1.45(L 1.45)
5. IOICorp - 3.02(L 3.00) ---> 2.45(L 2.40) ALERT!!
6. KLK - 8.00(L 7.75) ---> 7.25(L 7.20)
7.KMLoong - 1.46(L 1.45) ---> 1.44(L 1.44)
8. Kulim - 4.96(L 4.82) ---> 4.28(L 4.20)
9. Kwantas - 2.18(L 2.08) ---> 1.88(L 1.60)
10.Sime - 6.40(L 5.85) ---> 6.00 (L 5.85)
11.TSH - 1.60(L 1.59) ---> 1.44(L 1.43)
12. TWSPlant - 1.38(L 1.36) ---> 1.20(L 1.20)
13. UMCCA - 5.70(L 5.30) ---> 5.05(L 5.05)

Note : Asiatic = Genting Plantation now.

Was reading some of my 2008 posts ... KLCI was trading at 800 level back then. Hmm ... interesting trading adventure, indeed.

In 2008, I started with zero-knowledge about anything! I was a total newbie. Not many blogs, no forums ... no facebook groups etc etc. I started to blog about my own trading-adventure ... my journey!!

Amazing journey!! How do I describe my journey??

I am going to spend few hours in solitude to read my blog later. Normally, I do not re-read my posts. Haha. Silly me ... I simply like to talk to myself, being an introvert ... I prefer to voice my opinions in this blog ... my pain of losing money, the struggle to learn those terms ... and more. Not many have such trading-adventure as I am experiencing!

Went thru a market dive in 2008 ... profited the most in 2009 due to market recovery and was in HKSE ... to profit hugely on the rebound. Next time if market crash again, you will see me in HKSE or US ... rather than in KLSE. I will be using margin-account(preparing) to buy into KLSE's cheaply. Yes ... still waiting for that crash!! But zzzz .... 2015 will not be market crash leh.

Anyway ... I will continue to write in this blog ... in 2008, I do have about 30-50 page views per day. Before i3 linked my blog there, I do have about 1k-3k page views per day!! Now ... it is about 200-500 page-views in a day. Well ... I used to blog in daily basis ... every moment I m learning about markets ..very strong PASSION to learn.

Today ... err ... ada lazy to blog. Prefer to be in facebook .... and also spend time chatting with my trading-group. Today, I m no longer alone ... I have known many traders.

I will write a post later ... as I m going up Genting later.

Genting ... going below RM8.

Time to go. Have a nice weekend.

Happy birthday to my blog!! Yeah.


Friday, August 07, 2015

After the rain by TSMY's daughter, Najwa


Najwa Mahiaddin, R&B and soul songstress, and daughter of former Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, today released the music video for her new single "After The Rain" ... and it's dedicated to all Malaysians in the hopes that it will "provide comfort and strength to us all in these trying times.”

Will look for the lyric later. Nice




KLCI having a free-fall ... after lost 30points yesterday ... another selldown of 16points at the moment. If we failed to sell, we have to WAIT to average down?

If we managed to sell 2-3 days ago ... great. Do remember the Monday last minute hike-up by few stocks such as Maxis, Axiata and UMW (up 7% each leh, last minute). So ... now, all diving ... Tenaga, Digi, Maxis pulled KLCI down yesterday ... today?

1 USD = MYR 3.90

Oil down.

CPO down.

Political up-stable.

So ... no upside much for KLCI, right?

KEEP CASH is a good strategy.

Keep calm.


Wednesday, August 05, 2015


Morning ... it is nice to listen to some positive and motivational clips (daily basis).

Here is one to share with all which I was listening to moments ago ...

I was financially poor than 99% of those reading this!! Yes ... he said it right, I WAS that poor.

I hv huge debt to pay ... due to marriage, I loaned from mom/aunts ... took a personal loan and income was low (that was 10 yrs ago).

Change our poor MINDSET :

1. Rich people think BIG, poor people think small

He gave a good example for poor-mentality people trying to save every cents but used much of their TIME. If we could value our TIME (rather than the cents), we could sort-of UPGRADE ourselves. I am using that in my daily basis these days ...

Example : I have the touch-n-go card which is very convenient for paying tolls and parking. I have to pay my Aeon-credit-card extra 2% for auto-payment, and do not need to worry about top-up. For parking, we have to pay ''little'' extra if we are using touch-n-go card. But ... it saves us TIME.

I believe TIME is commodity ... we certainly could INCREASE the value in our time! If we are paid per hour ... say RM30 per hour ... increase that gradually. I was at RM50/hour range giving tuition when I was in KK. That is why I have to move out of KK(the rate is low) and come to KL where the demand is higher. Once we increase our value(of time), we worked harder to INCREASE further our value. Multiplying effects work ... only if we are positive enough...

Let go of the trivials. Do not live with poor-mindset. BUY that newspapers or magz if you wish to read, rather than flipping them in newsstands ... ''stealing'' to read. The MENTALITY is not correct, you may save that few bucks of yours ... but since the mindset is NOT there to appreciate time-money relationship, it will be near impossible for us to move up the value-chain.

Make sense to anyone here?

Think BIG ... buy the book and read about HOW to think BIG. By mixing with our small circle negative people, we will be influenced to think ... smaller than we actually are.

2. Rich people focus on opportunities, poor people focus on obstacles

Do you see problems as challenges to be solved or obstacles for you to avoid? The way we see things is OUR MINDSET. We set our mind ... and we focus in what we THINK about. That is why a strong mindset is needed to recognise that we need to move out of that poor mentality. In trading, when a stock dives sharply ... depending on the reasons, we could see that as opportunities. Hmm .. talking about that, I missed NOBLE recently. I shown my trading group NOBLE(SGX : N21) days ago when it was at 46.5cents. Check my facebook. Haha.

Noble rebounded from 46cents to 60cents!!

This is just an example of opportunities are aplenty if only we focus in what we re doing best. While many still bitching about their jobs, complaining about the luck-in-trading ... or cursing someone for anything ... slowly recognise that obstacles are meant to be solved. Once we could have the skills to do that, we move to higher level of obstacles ... and so on. We do not see it as obstacles ... we see it as opportunities to LEARN.

Now ... do u get what I mean? Certainly you do know successful people or great people around. Ask them how they see challenges!! Complaining and whining about it will not solve the situation ... in fact, it will drag us DOWN. Stand up ... recognise that you are TRAPPED in the poor mindset, admit that and MOVE la.

How many really reading what I m writing here and digest them. I m just merely sharing my OPINIONS and how I changed myself 360!!

3. Rich people admire other rich-successful people, poor people resent rich-successfully people.

Are you reading my blog from i3? You can come here ... ... as those updates wont be re-fresh in i3, u know. I know some from i3 resent me!! They hated my posts there ... and finding my blog a nuisance to their view. Hey ... don't stay in poor mindset. You have a choice to move away (besides, I was in i3 before 80% of those there 4 yrs ago leh!) ... I am still writing my blog, my way ... while haters cant stand to read about my changes, my success-stories ... but I do not brag. I m pointing facts  about my struggles (still am) and my painful journey. I came from poor family, I was in poor mindset group and been totally broke(financially, emotionally, family) ... I decided to CHANGE.

Listen to the clip above. You can CHANGE your mindset if you wish to. By being negative about others, those made it ... successfully ones ... instead of resent them, LEARN from them. While we admired and knew about Jack Ma now, he mentioned that he was looked down, ridiculed and being rejected ... if he is to listen to his haters, he will not be where he is. Highly admired.

Soo ... choice is YOURS. Admire those done well ... ask them how they do it ... and start with ourselves!! Focus to that.

4. Rich people are willing to promote themselves and their values, poor people think negatively about selling and promotion

I have to admit that I dislike publicity ... dislike to promote myself and ... feel cheap-selling myself. But, hey ... I m not doing anything obscene, corrupt, immoral or wrong!! I am a nice person ... a dedicated cikgu, right? So ... after convincing myself that  I am a good-person(internally, I knew myself as good-man) ... I wont mind promoting things I m doing ... including teaching trading for small fees, giving tuition to A-level students (Further Maths and Math) ... call me if anyone wish to join my trading group, learn to trade ... or needs tuition for A-level Math?

Promoting ourselves ... if we have values to share. I do. I m giving e-meeting to reach out to more readers ... and created a motivational-group (called 8 to be great) and going to have e-meeting with the members ... for free, of coz ... it is to promote MOTIVATION to everyone. We all need that!!

Selling is bad? Making money is taboo? Then, why bother to work and sit in-front of pc reading these and look-down on those selling? No one forcing us to buy any items, right?

5. to be continued ... classes.


Monday, August 03, 2015

Trading in August

1st trading day of AUG. According to the CLSA's chart, we should be going down from here ... with quarter reports coming out for many index-linked companies ... expecting lower profits. Check out Tenaga.

There ... I hv learnt to screen-shot using my hp ... then, send to my FB (only me), save the pix in my pc ... and post it here. Haha ... EPS is 13.99, reduced substantially.

More reports coming ... wont be good. That is for 2H2015. No upside much in KLCI ...

As I m writing SOY-oil dived below USD30, strong support. Commodities SELLDOWN ... CPO will not have upside too. With crude-oil price below USD50  ... no upside for O&G sector too ... well, our MYR will be under pressure further.

So ... with OIL down, CPO down, MYR down ... more foreign funds will be selling. With coming quarter reports not so encouraging, high cost-of-living ... teach me the simple common-sense that KLCI will be seeing new high?! In boleh-land, we can ... yell BOLEH ... and gogogo .. it will shoot up by itself. EPF/KWAP help to push up our KLCI to 1900 or beyond ... and to show investors our confidence in our market.

But ... it is sectoral play now. The "EXPORT" word is playing in every retailers/traders mouth. Furniture-stocks continue to attract many : Latitude, Hevea, Evergreen, LiiHen,PoHuat, Homeriz, Mieco and such... including Sign.

Short-term trading is very tough ... The Sign of market sentiment not good is there. Just when everyone whispering Market-Crash ... we are not crashing YET. So ... still could ride on those up-trending stocks. Avoid O&G, avoid property-sector ... avoid plantation. I will avoid banking too.

Trading in Aug ... will be difficult. So ... I will be using AUG to continue to do many things back-logged due to my procrastination. Arghhh ... much more things to be done. No need to monitor much on those screens ---green-red-green-red-red-red ...

Someone ''strong'' (I knew he might be reading this) watsapp-ed me last night, stating that he do follow the CLSA chart. So ... he has given me confident to follow that too ... AUG-SEPT ... DOWN! Wake me up when Sept ends ... again.

Anyway ... if we are not short-term trading, keep cash or go for positional-trade (buy uptrending sector).

Time for lunch ... and move it.


Saturday, August 01, 2015

It is AUGUST 2015 now

It is raining heavily here ... simply like weekends as I could slow-down ... do some readings and perhaps ... pen-down few lines here.

I shall begin with ... today is AUGUST.

There ... according to the CLSA chart ... JULY is the peak for KLCI. We shall see down-down till Sept. How is that to start our August?

Market aside ... lets talk about planning for August.

I m planning for a motivational-group. That should keep me moving ... and if I m not, few members there should do something to motivate each other. That is the aim/objective of the group ... to keep each other motivated ... about LIVING!!

Secondly, I m starting the futures-trading group ... in proper. Need to focus in that.

August 2008 ... I started this blog. So ... I m going to celebrate ... after 7 long years ... post #3140 ... and hundreds of hours blogging here. Haha ... perhaps, I will take a day off ... go somewhere far, alone ... and blog whole day!!

Then ... August, I will spend some money(and time) to make small renovation to my office and make it nice/cosy. I will also spend time there ... listening to songs or watching a movie!! Time to enjoy, man.

So ... after a year quit my full-time teaching job, I have stayed at home ... for too long. I have to be back to be active and motivated again. At times, we simply too comfortable .. once our ''needs'' taken care-of ... we becoming lazy .... zzzz ... So .. I decided to go to office, have a nice trading-table and tools ... and to stay focus in my trading. Yeah .. going to HKSE, which I m still bullish.

What else is the good about August?

Planning for my second tuition center? It is in my drawing board ... and needs to get it moving before I get too lazy again. Hope to get things finalised and starting it next year!! Just do it la ...

Time to go shopping ...