Monday, July 06, 2015

SELLDOWN due to Greece

Global markets re-act negatively ... with the Greece "NO" vote. Dived ... gap-down ... selldown. Will discuss these tonight with my trading members.

Profit is difficult to come by ... matter of the losses? If KLCI down 3% and our portfolio down by 1%, do we still considered beating the market?

I have started to trade KLCI's index-linked counters ... remembered the M.A.T.I I shared? It stands for MISC, Axiata, Tenaga and IOICorp. All were profitable trades. So ... I started to focus in trading index-linked counters (oversold) ... for technical rebounds.
It is too high risk to trade penny-stocks. But, it is an opportunity for those risk-takers(with knowledge) to buy into oversold, go0d penny-stocks.

e-learning : Starting tmr night 9.30pm  ... those wish to learn basic charting/technical analysis and trading through the comfort of your home(thru online la), do contact me at 012-821 0129 or add me at ... still have back-dated e-mail to reply ( urgently.

HSI : Dived 1200plus points just now. great rebound play

HSI-cv : I grabbed 36.5 and 38cents ... just sold 39.5cents moment ago, for dinner.

Time to go ...


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