Wednesday, July 08, 2015

SELLDOWN : Crude Oil

After the Greece selldown, last night we do see selldown in crude-oil(minus 3%). So ... KLCI dived today morning ... FKLI minus 25 at the moment.

BUY CALL for FGV by our PM

"Do not be unduly worried as Felda will do the necessary to make sure it does better. Felda shares will go up. It has all the potential for this.

sigh. Those FGV settlers still trust him?

SOY down to 31.40 level now. The selldown is not only in China-bubble-bursting. HSI is down 1000 points again after that day selldown of 1000points.

This was that day ... I captured the nice number 888 points.

This is HSI this morning ...

AirAsia broken 1.43 low ... I do remember I bought 1.50 and shown here ... then sold off 1.60 above. If I do not sell ... today is 1.32 now. Will you buy AirAsia at current level?

With the further weakening in MYR, will you still buy KLSE's stocks? So ... I have to move to HKSE as HSI's PE is half of KLCI's. Interesting ... talking about valuation.

I have shared my idea of investing in HKSE with some of my tratles during our monthly meeting. Most are not interested as fear (of not knowing) is there. So ... let us see if my analysis is right, say in 1-2 yrs time.

This is China-Mobile. It is dropping another 5% today ... at HKD90 level now.

So ... if you want to look for valuation, checkout HKSE. If you wish to know more, then come for my e-meeting ... as I m going to have one soon, for those interested to move their depleting MYR into HKD.

e-learning : I hv started my first session last night. good ... and this morning, showing them LIVE about AirAsia. Some are newbies ... so, they will learn from real-time prices and what to check etc etc. If anyone still wish to join me, you are welcomed. Every Tuesday night, 9.30pm.

Time for fetching my girl from school ... and have two tuition classes later.




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Hi, how can I participate in your e-meeting?

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