Saturday, July 25, 2015

Saturday's blah blah

Saturday noon ... just finished a tuition class. This morning I was ''free'' as the class cancelled. So, I spend some time with my two active kids ... went to gym (to work on my six-pack ... now is one-pack, growing in diameter) and playground.

My Saturday will be packed again ... with more tuition classes in line. So, I do not know when will be my next cohort-18(trading workshop). Market sentiment is not good ... so, many might be losing money too ... so, it is difficult to promote trading-workshop. So ... I prefer to focus in my tuition-classes.

There are many going-ons ... and updates needed but I am simply too lazy/busy to blog.

chess : I m more excited than my boy ... sending him for classes/coaching. Haha.

Liverpool : From the way they played for pre-seasons ... they could not challenge the top 3 ... again. Too bad that we Liverpool's fans have to endure another year. LS and RS left ... Stevie left too ........ Balo ... err ... is he still playing for Liverpool?

The Edge : Being suspended ... no comment. zzzz

WMT : Joined second meeting last night for dinner. We are forming a group (under guidance of Peter Yee) ... to alert each other of using our whole-mind thinking process. According to Peter, it will help me in my trading too ... reduce using my logical mind and let the sub-conscious mind work!! I will try ... : I have tried to write stock-analysis there ... but ... time again, I forgotten.

MYR : Hitting new low again ... are we really seeing RM4 (vs USD) and RM3 (vs SGD)? Sigh ... USD-index going to hit 100 again ... a breakout is possible. Should we change our cash into SGD instead? Open a bank account with Singapore's bank?

Crude Oil : Went below USD50 again ... so, we should see cheaper petrol-price next month, right?

SOY : Dived further to 30.55 yesterday ... and we shall see CPO to retrace further. Will we be seeing CPO to go below 2000 level?

Gold : At low ... USD1100 level now, and a report pointing gold-price to dive to USD800. Will you buy gold (no dividend yield ... it not for hedging, not for investing leh).

Are we in commodities crisis level soon?

Nasdaq's PER is 30? I thought ........ it was 22 level?

HKSE : Yes ... I m moving into more of HKSE as it is cheapest valuation there. Many large companies are trading with single PER. We all should too ... in fact, I will want to have a public talk next week or so ... and guide some who may be interested to invest in HKSE. There is a limited upside in KLCI ... more space for HSI.

I need to rest ... have a nice weekend. Thanks for dropping by to read my blah-blah. Hehe.


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