Monday, July 13, 2015

ChinaA50 and HSI

ChinA50-c6 : This is just one of the call-warrants many retailers punting into.

HSI : This is Hang Seng Index ... in case many are punting into those HSI-cw (CW = call-warrants such as HSI-cv) and HSI-pw ( PW = put-warrants such as HSI-hd).

I do see the craziness in punting into these call- or put- warrants.

I am bullish in HSI ... and bullish in China-tech stocks. So, I have mentioned that I m moving funds into that ... buy-n-hold. Tonight's meeting I will share about HK and China stocks I have interests in and also ... about these call/put.

e-learning : I have started first session of e-learning (July to Nov ... 5 months duration) last Tuesday. This is for those wish to learn thru online, at the comfort of your home ... but longer as it is dynamic and difficult to squeeze in all contents in 1.5hours per session. But ... I will guide from the very basic about trading.

If one wishes to join me in person, you may attend my 8 hours trading workshop (Sat and Sun).

cohort-18 : This weekend, Raya weekend ... I will have my trading workshop as I have delayed the June's batch. Luckily they could understand that I was not available to have the workshop last month(due to my father-in-law). So ... this is to inform to those interested to learn technical-charting and indicators .... and plan for trading.

contact me at 012-821 0129 or e-mail

Time to go .... as market is recovering now.


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