Wednesday, July 01, 2015

BULL DAY : Thanks Fitch

KLCI is shooting plus 30 at the moment!! Hurray ... sell day!!

KLCI dropped about 170points ... from the recent top. MANY risk-factors ... foreign funds exiting, MYR weakening, 1MDB at risk ... Greece in the brink of exiting Euro ... many bad-news and stories to create FEAR ... but, retailers are smart these days. We do not panic selling ... and today, it rebounded sharply. Wow.
Bottom-fishing : I do have a good e-meeting last night (for public and free). So ... for those missed the bottom-fishing talk ... I wont mind making a repeat (as some of my members requested). Join me tonight
9.30pm ... as usual ... go to
Note : Dear Mr Murali(of i3) ... do come for tonight e-meeting if you are free. I have not receive e-mail from you or your number (to send u the link) ... so, you do need to add me in facebook so that I could get in touch with you. Hope you are free to attend my humble talk. It is free, anyway.
e-learning : I hv not replied to few e-mails regarding my e-learning which will be starting NEXT TUESDAY. Yes, it is ON ... please go to the facebook link above or sms/watsapp me at 012-8210129 for details.
I will be sharing from very basic level of trading besides teaching the application of technical-charting. It is from July to Dec, every Tuesday night(online learning). We will also analyse LIVE charts as we move together ... guidance for newbies/traders-alike.
So ... I do think by guiding newbies about trading for 5-months, they will learn better. They could ASK questions ... and need to provide a platform to compile those Q&A for learning purposes.
Yes ... a teacher in me. I am back to teaching!!

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