Wednesday, July 22, 2015

After RAYA post

It has been awhile since my last post ... it was RAYA holiday, so ... kinda busy.

I have been checking on my progress ... or lag of it, actually. So ... taken time off.

Raya : Selamat be-lated RAYA to readers.

Charity : Two of my tratles helped me(thanks!) in my yearly raya-charity this year. We went a week before RAYA to visit the Rawang home, which I adopted. It is 4th year I am there now. We donated RM2k of items. I still have these in my long term plan ... wait till I m free? In the mean-time, do it small and whenever we feel like it.

ToastMaster : Attended my last meeting last night ... this is first ''casualty" .. I have let it go as I have e-learning started this month. It is tiring to rush from tuition classes, market-closing ... to attend the TM meeting and then have to leave half-way, rush home for the e-meeting? So ... I will drop the TM till my e-learning ends in NOV.

e-learning : Had my session #3 last night ... talking about 3M in trading : Mindset, Management and Methods. Those still wish to join my e-meeting (Tuesday), do contact me.

HKSE : Welcome to Hong-Kong ... gate to China. As I was saying ... I am moving some funds to HKSE ... buy-to-hold. zzzz

Chess : Reviving back the interest ... started to play with my boy. Let him learn ... and compete in U12.

Liverpool : Not so impressive in OZ ... now they are in KL.

back to trading ... nothing much in post-Raya. Still quiet ... zzzz

KLCI is quiet ... except for furniture and some pennies.

Homeriz : Took Homeriz 1.06-1.07 yesterday after quiet from trading for a while. It shown momentum in morning ... breakout 1.08 successfully. Well ... Hevea and Evergreen in crazy-buying mode. So ... Homeriz followed. Bought more at 1.13 this morning ... wanting to sell 1.21, but hit 1.20 ... down-down ... so, I asked the group to SELL. Sold all 1.13-1.15.

PoHuat : I always like lagging counters ... dislike to chase with others. So, I bought 2.42-2.44 closing yesterday, and today it breakout of 2.45. Hold.

Gloves : This is another sector that is doing well ... Kossan breakout again today to new high. I bought. Hold ...zzzz

Today is 22/7 = pi day .... my little gal is 7.

So ... time to rest and bring her kai-kai tonight. haha.

Thanks for reading ... I will try to find the momentum to blog again, may be.



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