Monday, June 22, 2015

Time, Energy and Money

Sunday ... Happy Daddy's Day to all dads .. including me.

I have two lovely kids ... my son, Er. He is smart but the teachers are complaining that he is 'lazy'. Well, he has his daddy's trait, I guess. And my girl, Sher ... who was born not so normally physically. She still struggle to speak at age 7 now, and we have to send her to special school. But, she is able to run and climb now, that is the joy of daddy ... who was afraid she cant even walk when she was born (crooked toes and feet : talipes).

Now ... being daddy is my greatest venture! I have struggled from the extreme (financially broke merely 5 years ago) situation ... thanks to my kids being my inspiration. They are my internal motivator ... my fuel. To provide a better living for my kids (as I do not have good childhood), daddy could not afford to lose ... could not afford to be lazy ... but to change in total(financial mindset) ...

I am always feel very glad to have them running to me, each time I am home .... daddy is home!! And having them both in my arms. What a feeling, only daddy could understand.

Let us talk about LIFE's three components which I shared with my wife recently.

TIME : We all have 24 hours. That means ... we are all equal here. So, time management skill is essential. Over the years, I have learnt to manage my tight hectic schedules ... and wearing many hats. Yes ... without that, many things could not be tried or carried out.

ENERGY : We all have limited energy (that explained why I bought Tenaga on Thu?) ... working from morning to evening and even into night. I could only say that I have so much of energy as I have a goal --- to be financially free. I ''used'' my family as my motivator and it derives tonnes of energy inside me ... and I could continue ... I am motivated to change my life and have a better living my family. That is where energy is derived from ... PASSION and LOVE.

MONEY : We used our time to earn money ... we used our energy to earn money. So, to say MONEY is not important is simply living in denial. Tho money is not everything, everything is money. With limited money ... we need money MANAGEMENT skills. Unfortunate for most of us, we are not taught about financial ... not even about personal finances such as saving and investing.

10.45 am : Morning ... KLCI surged as many oversold index-linked counters experiencing technical rebound. Tenaga moving above RM13 today (I still have it at RM12.44 tho I have sold part last Friday at RM12.90, queueing to sell at RM13.30 this morning but ht RM13.16 at the moment).

Let's continue to talk about LIFE. Life is worth living in fullest. If we recognise how to live lives in full, we will not bother to argue, fight and mixing with negative people. We would not be in sorrow for too long, self-pity and envious of others success.

To start with, we need to learn to APPRECIATE life. Without this simplest basic ... we do not need to look further into the TIME, ENERGY and MONEY we are having.

Some have all the TIME ... doing nothing much .. perhaps do not feel motivated to live or not much money to spend? Well, it is not the money that matters. It is the appreciating what we have and work on how we could earn more money, learn to save and invest. Then, we need to learn to give ... donate some.

Use TIME to the fullest ... learn the skills needed to make more money(respectable ways). To do that, we need ENERGY ... and learn to manage our TIME. Energy to move ... to continue to learn and placing our objectives/goals in life. With given 24-hours and with tonnes of things to do(busy is an excuse we given ourselves, by the way) ... we have to learn to prioritise. That explain why I will never have TIME for negative humans, senseless arguments and engaging in empty talks.

Limited TIME ... we could go anytime ... life is short. I am in my late 40s now. Kids still so young, I have limited time : to balance between trading markets, giving tuition and many more things I m currently commit to.

ENERGY needed to move ... force x displacement. That is work done. So, we need to FORCE ourselves to move some distance. It is more complex than that, obviously. If we love to do something(for me is trading and teaching others to be better traders) ... it is easier as we do not really need to force ourselves. That is why many could not find the energy naturally as they are doing things not closest to their hearts, or of any interests.

To move ... we need TIME and ENERGY.

To move further ... we may need MONEY.

Think of it this way ... in order to live life in fullest, we have to appreciate what we are having, be positive and optimistic about our future, move the present.

TIME ... manage it.

ENERGY ... manage it.

MONEY ... manage it.

Have a nice day.


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